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Chance me Computer Science (CMU, GTech, UVA, UC Berkeley, HMC, RPI, UT Austin)

XtremeBlaze777XtremeBlaze777 7 replies8 threads Junior Member
Hi, I am trying to major in computer science with a focus on theoretical computer science, a double major/minor in Math, and a possible minor in Film.

Asian (Indian) male, first generation to be born in US.
SAT (gonna retake): 690+800 + 14
Math 2: 780
Physics: 750
UW GPA: 3.8/4 (doesn't account for senior)
W GPA: 4.1/5 (doesn't account for senior)

APs: 9 exams and 6 courses (school offers like almost every AP/honors imaginable)
Sophomore: CS A (self-study, 5) [only AP options were WHAP and HUG which I'm bad in]
Junior: CS P (5), Physics 1 (4), Calc AB (self-study b/c was finding precalc too easy, 3)
Senior: Calc BC, Physics C (both), Stats, US Gov

Can't take multivar calc/linear algebra (~50 out of 500 take each year) b/c in BC
Been taking Broadcast Journalism for 5 years, have varsity letter, part of honor society

Comp Sci Rec: taught me both intro and CSP, encouraged CS A self-study.

Precalc Rec: really liked me, tried to help with calc, aced that class with +100% (like a 30% on the final would have kept me at an A).

Broadcast Rec: Same teacher for four years, knows me decently well, attended conventions in Chicago with her (live in Virginia), hold leadership positions in her class.

Engineering Rec: Knows my work ethic and character. Knows me somewhat well but largely academic.

ECs: Various honor societies and community service (including teaching a java class to adults), board member on a student-run hackathon, Executive Secretary for Robotics club, Sci Oly for 2 yrs, 2nd place in school science fair during 10th grade, Boy Scout (not Eagle).

Essays: pretty good I think, my personal statement is literally about my love of jackets and how they symbolize my emotional development.

Lived in India for four years (second half of elementary school).
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Replies to: Chance me Computer Science (CMU, GTech, UVA, UC Berkeley, HMC, RPI, UT Austin)

  • HamurtleHamurtle 2604 replies33 threads Senior Member
    GPA/SAT will make the majority of the schools on your list a reach. And a 3 on AB while self-studying/still in precalculus may not have been a good idea. Don’t report that score.

    First generation born in the US is not a hook.

    UCs count AP/IB/approved DE classes for weighted GPA for OOS students, but not honors classes. Add to that the fact you’re paying 65,000 a year. CS in Engineering will be a big reach and CS in Letters and Sciences will be a reach with current SAT.

    RPI is the only one that could be considered a match.

    No Virginia Tech since you appear to be in-state?
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  • WhrlingCollegesWhrlingColleges 22 replies0 threads Junior Member
    These are all pretty long reaches with the possible exception of RPI and maybe UT Austin, but I would not peg either of those a strong match either. SAT scores are low for the reaches. You are very STEM-heavy with no sports or arts, but you do have the broadcast journalism to round you out a bit. Thank goodness for that. Membership in most honor societies doesn't usually count for much because it's accessible to so many. A leadership position in a significant one could matter a little. I don't think the 10th-grade high school science fair placement matters all that much. How many hours of community service do you have? What else do you have besides teaching the java class? You can always apply to as many reaches as you want and hope something sticks. But I strongly suggest adding to this list. I saw the suggestion that Virginia Tech should be considered, which I very much agree with, especially since you are in-state (otherwise I would put that as a match/reach straddle). Maybe consider adding WPI, Stevens, UIUC, and RIT as possible safety matches. Assuming you don't hit any of the reach targets and you do get into Virginia Tech, I would grab the in-state tuition and consider it a home run. It's a great school and you might not get in if you were applying as an out-of-stater.
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  • HamurtleHamurtle 2604 replies33 threads Senior Member
    Agree with the above poster except for UIUC-their CompSci program is not a match.

    UMass-Amherst might be worth targeting.
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