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Duke ED Chances

SKOVIKESSKOVIKES 5 replies3 threads New Member
Grades: 1st in my class out of 495 students best high school in the area for public high schools. Have a 4.74 weighted and 4.0 unweighted GPA took 1 ap freshman year 6 sophmore year, 2 ap 1 IB Junior Year, 1 ap senior year. Took classes at local community college junior and senior year as well which is reason for lack of APs.
Test Scores: 1410 SAT, very much believe this will be at least a 1450 by the last accepted test date for duke (NOV 2nd) 730 math 680 reading.
Extracurriculars: Varsity Golf team Freshman- Senior year, captain junior year and senior year.
Wrestling Sophmore and Senior year went to regionals sophmore year as well.
Co-Founded a school spikeball club
Science Olympiad member
NHS member
Freshman Class President
Essay: Wrote a very good personal essay about running a succesful boat business and the ethical struggles many businnes face between profitability and there morals.
Strengths: Hispanic, Top in Class, NC resident
Weaknesses: Test Scores, Not the worlds greatest EC's

Note: Also considering UPenn, Vanderbilt, and Northwestern for early decision, don't feel confident with test scores even at 1450 in regular admission pool at these schools.
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Replies to: Duke ED Chances

  • coolguy40coolguy40 2342 replies3 threads Senior Member
    Your SAT scores are average at best for these schools and you're looking at a less than 10% admissions rate. Slow down and take some time to really shop around for the right school. Look at UNC, NCSU, etc
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  • SKOVIKESSKOVIKES 5 replies3 threads New Member
    I have come to the conclusion I will be applying ED to Duke. For comparison last year a kid from my high school who is very similar student expect for a significantly higher economic status who was ranked 3rd with only a 1390 got in so there is definitely some hope. I am applying to UNC, NCSU, as well but truly have little interest in these schools. I also rewrote my common app essay about being hispanic in a very white sport (golf), a much better piece than I had originally written. I've been studying my *ss off for this next SAT so with any luck I really believe I will have a 1450 if not closer to a 1480-90. Hope this gives some clarity, but I appreciate the response.
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  • Nasir7Nasir7 18 replies9 threads Junior Member
    good ECs but nothing standing out and your test scores are not the greatest. I would suggest you wait and see what you focus on getting a good score on the SAT for now, and the apply RD.
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  • SKOVIKESSKOVIKES 5 replies3 threads New Member
    I would agree with you, but duke will accept test scores from the November 2nd test date. I understand its putting all my eggs into one basket per say if the test doesn't go well, but the advantage of applying ED I would definitely think outweighs the disadvantages unless of course I do poorly on the test.
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