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Chance a low income female senior

cherrybulletcherrybullet 1 replies3 threads New Member
Chances for UPenn, NYU, Drexel, UMich, UVA, and UF?

White Female
Income: less than $20,000 (yes I am poor)
GPA: W- 6.5 UW- 3.94
Class Rank: 14/605 (98th percentile)
SAT: 1340
Intended major: Nursing with a minor in Korean

AP classes:
freshmen- Human geo
Sophomore- Art history, Capstone seminar, World history.
Junior- Calc AB, Capstone research, Environmental science, Lang, U.S. history.
Senior- Literature, Bio, Stat, Art 3D, Psychology

Fairly good common app essay

Awards: AP Capstone diploma, AP Scholar with Distinction, AP Scholar, County Solo and Ensemble medallion.

Extracurriculars :
1. Korean Foreign Exchange program- I studied at Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea for the summer and stayed with a host family
2. Self-studied Korean- I self-studied Korean in the U.S. for 3 years using completely free online resources
3. Chamber Orchestra (requires audition to get in)- I auditioned for the orchestra and played in it for junior and senior year
4. President of the Art Club- I was officer as a sophomore, VP as a junior, and now i'm the President
5. Tri-M Honors Society - Music Honor society club where we go around and perform at nursing homes and at churches
6. NHS club
7. Beta club
8. Cheerleader, Diver, and Long jumper freshmen and sophomore year
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  • MWolfMWolf 1688 replies10 threads Senior Member
    UPenn - unless you raise your SAT, there is very little chance. If you do, you're competitive, but acceptance rates are low enough that it's a high reach for anybody

    NYU - Same as Upenn

    Drexel - test optional, safety

    UMich - Same as UPenn, especially if you're OOS.

    UVA - If you're out of state, same as Upenn, but not as bad. If you're in-state - match

    UF - high match

    So you need to either do better on the SAT, try the ACT, or look at colleges which are test-optional.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 42053 replies453 threads Senior Member
    That's not a good list because most of these don't meet need or have OOS caps.
    NYU and Drexel will expect your family to go into debt.
    I'm guessing your guidance counselor didn't help you make the list and you just went by her you'd heard and/or rankings.

    What's instate for you?

    Add universities that meet need, if possible without loans.
    Some examples of reaches that meet need: Vassar, Colby, Macalester, Grinnell. Not sure if thy have nursing.
    St Olaf does and they meet need.
    Apply ED2 to give yourself a chance with Penn (you never know)?
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