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Chance me for Texas A&M Engineering

Bigred816Bigred816 10 replies9 threads Junior Member
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Howdy! I applied early action for engineering at Texas A&M. I've heard that the first wave of engineering decisions has arrived because my girlfriend got in to engineering (34 ACT). Previous years seem to suggest that the next wave will be November 21ish. I go to a competitive college preparatory school (Top 20 Catholic school in the nation) I'd appreciate anything and everything y'all have to say.

-School doesn't report unweighted, a few B's freshman year but straight A's throughout rest of high school with an increase in rigor as well.
-4.12 Weighted
-Top 25% of class By TAMU, school doesn't explicitly rank

-ACT 31 (English 35, Math 28, Reading 31, Science 29)

ADVANCED COURSES Throughout High School (AC = Accelerated/Honors)
-AC Geometry/Trig (A)
-AP Comsci Principles (A)
-AP English Lang (A)
-AC Algebra II/Trig (A)
-AP Macroeconomics (A)
-AP Calculus AB (Taking Now, currently A)

-Digital Graphics Student of the Year
-Anatomy & Physiology Student of the Year
-NASA High School Aerospace Scholar (Online and Onsite)
-National Honor Society
-Principal's Honor Roll

-Lacrosse 4 years (Most improved player freshman year, team captain sophomore year, varsity junior and senior year)
-Church Service as an altar server since 3rd grade
-Over 250 hours of service (Mission Trip and other service to retirement home and homeless shelter, along with student ambassador service)

-Half Asian, Half White
-Texas Resident
-Have gone on a guided tour, self tour, and softball game
-Not Applying For Honors
-Both first and second choice major is engineering
-Already admitted into university (Applied Late July, accepted in September)
-Academic Admit
-Not sure if it matter, but to state it explicitly, I've demonstrated engineering interest by applying and completing high school aerospace scholars junior year and taking computer science for engineers this year. Also, I included in my engineering essay that I'm seeking an internship with NASA this upcoming summer.
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Replies to: Chance me for Texas A&M Engineering

  • akak1212akak1212 3 replies3 threads New Member
    I am also applying to A&M engineering and I am a little confused about what the "first wave" is. I know people who have gotten in already and they applied a few days before the October 15th deadline.
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  • Bigred816Bigred816 10 replies9 threads Junior Member
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    @akak1212 It’s just the first round of decisions. If you look at the previous year’s data, it shows that the first round is typically the really high sat/act scores, regardless of when they applied. Second round, if I’m right, should be November 21st, or at least around before thanksgiving. That’s how it was for the class of 21 & 22, although I’m not sure what the dates are for the class of 23. So far it seems like it follows the same pattern though, regarding “first week of x month” etc. Another consistent date is first week of December and then December 15th. After the first round it seems like it’s merely up to luck regarding when you get in. I’ve seen some people say they applied in July/August that had solid or at least average stats and had to wait much much longer than people who applied in October (even after early action in December, which I think is pretty screwed up).
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  • akak1212akak1212 3 replies3 threads New Member
    but why are people getting in earlier if they applied much later because i called a&m and they said it’s not because they had better stats?
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  • Bigred816Bigred816 10 replies9 threads Junior Member
    I'm not sure why you're asking me something that only the admissions office at Texas A&M would know. You can make a thread and ask the question there.
    Look. You can call all you want, its not going to make any difference. They may say that, but I'm willing to bet that they accept the people with the best stats/hooks first. Just think about it logically, and look at the data. They have a limited number of spots, so logically you'd roughly go down the line by accepting the most qualified students first and then moving towards the less qualified students. I'm not saying its like this in all cases, but it certainly is for the majority of them. There's probably some flag system that automatically flags students with high test scores.
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