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Art major chances at non-art reach schools?

tyrastantyrastan 0 replies3 threads New Member
These are just my reach schools lol don't worry I am applying to safeties.
--Notre Dame (both parents and uncle went there)
--WashU (both parents went there for grad school and 3 aunts/uncles for undergrad)
--UMichigan (out of state)
--Carnegie Mellon

Intended Major: Studio Art BFA
School Type: All-girls, Catholic, private
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Not applying for financial aid

ACT: 33C (36E, 28M, 36R, 30S)
GPA: 95.76/100 sorry my school doesn't do 4.0 scale

I've taken the hardest English/History/French/theology classes at my college prep school, but I struggle with math so I've never taken calculus which is not great for me lol

-- I've gotten good feedback on my portfolio from portfolio days and would say it is fairly strong

--lots of Art stuff (drawing, art classes, selling my art, have done promotional art for school, art teacher aid)
--Spirit Council President (school elected)
--Head of Costumes department for 3 years, nominated for a few awards
--Head Layout Designer for school literary magazine
--School Ambassador

Job/Work Experience:
--Elementary Aftercare employee for 4 years
--Avid babysitter

Volunteer/Community service:
-- 200 hours

Summer Activities:
-- SCAD Summer Seminar (got a scholarship to attend)
-- WashU Summer Art program (received college credit and got A's in classes)
--French Foreign language exchange, lived with host family and went to high school in France

-- not really any major awards
--regional eco-challenge winner

Letters of recommendation
--AP English teacher, AP French teacher I've had for 5 years and went to France with

--I think they're pretty good but I know you can't really judge your own essays. My teachers and counselors like them. My personal statement is light-hearted, humorous, and cute. My counselor is using my supplements as examples for next year's students if that means anything ig.

I know it's hard to tell without my portfolio and these chance-me thinks don't really help but I'm stressed out and maybe this will calm me down or get me ready for rejection. I'm not expecting to get into any of these schools so I won't be heartbroken lol.

Thank you!!
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Replies to: Art major chances at non-art reach schools?

  • JBStillFlyingJBStillFlying 7025 replies24 threads Senior Member
    Hard to tell, since it's not just about the portfolio. However, if the art program requires one and yours demonstrates ability and talent, then you'll have a decent shot given those stats (which are very competitive). Good luck to you and keep us posted!
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