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Chance me for Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.--Junior

lilymarililymari 4 replies1 threads New Member
Race: Asian (Indian)
Gender Identity: Female
Major: Sociocultural Anthropology
Minor/Double Major: Musical Theater
State: Southern State with not much representation in top schools
School Type: Public
Hooks: not really

ACT: 34
Unweighted GPA: 4.0
GPA: 4.28
Predicted GPA at time of applying: 4.38
AP Classes: 16 by the time I graduate-currently 10
SAT Subject Tests: 770 World History (Plan to take US History and Math II)



United States Senate Youth Program- 104 Students chosen around the country to receive $10,000 academic scholarship and paid trip to Washington D.C. to meet the President, a Supreme Court Justice, and Senators.

Young Democrats: Asian America Caucus Chair(State), 3rd District Director for Women's Caucus, President of School Club

Vice-Chair for High School Democrats State-Wide Organization

Leader of Regional Gun Control Group- Non-partisan social activism for common-sense gun legislation. Spoke at state-wide gun-control rallies.

VP of School Feminist Organization: Raise money for women's shelter and create a female mentorship program.

Intern for Campaign for House of Representatives(Congress)-Worked with campaign finance. Recruited student volunteers, set up voter contact and visibility events like canvassing and phone banking

Founder & Chair, Youth For City Name(can't say cause privacy), 10th grade (not active anymore): Founded and lead grassroots community organization. Ran social media( 100s of followers) . Helped organize and publicize multiple canvassing, sign-holding, and phone banking opportunities. Registered 100s of teens to vote.

Fellowship at District Representative Campaign- -2018: Youth leader. Educated volunteers on canvassing and phone banking procedure. Canvassed approximately 300 houses and phone banked approximately 500 people.


International Social Sciences Conference For Youth: Published Research Paper written about the current resegregation crisis and policy initiatives to counteract the epidemic

Published Prose writer in an International Multicultural Magazine: Chosen for a selective international literary magazine to express views on an intersectional immigrant experience

Journalist for an International Non-Profit (won't name for privacy purposes)- Educates thousands on the importance of equality/justice on an international stage. Wrote articles about prison reform, China's Uighur Muslim Camps, and more Prison Reform.


International Thespian Society: Solo Musical(Excellent Award) and Group Acting(Superior Award)-State Thespian Festival, qualified for International Thespian Festival as lead

Plays/Musicals: participated in 10 plays and musicals, playing leads or chorus members.

Singing: Advanced Choirs, 8th, 9th, 10th grade. In All-Region Choir every year. Singing lessons for 8 years with various instructors: performed in recitals, talent shows, musicals, and competitions with teachings-Pop, Musical Theater, Opera...

Debate and ETC:

NSDA (National Speech and Debate Association Honor Society): competed for the speech and debate events of Policy, Lincoln Douglas, Congressional Debate- got 4th at National Novice Policy Debate Tournament

Head Delegate Model UN: Teach new members Parli Pro, Public Speaking, and Resolution Writing, Lead country delegation to awards. Won Rappetour(sorry french word I don't know how to spell it) and Best Delegate Honorable Mention (multiple times).

Speaker of the House YMCA Youth and Government State Assembly 2018-2019, Attorney General YMCA State Assembly 2019-2020, Conference on National Affairs: Model Government-(Best Delegate in State Conference). Actively participated in National Conference as leadership, speaking to groups of hundreds.


Thespians: Raised $2000 in three weeks for economically challenged Thespians to go to International competition.

Tutoring/College Counselling: Tutored high school students on the subjects of AP World History, AP Human Geography Algebra II, and Geometry. College Counseling: assisted peers with resume writing and essay editing.

Affordable Learning Program: Earned a Micro-Grant to buy a full set of ACT Prep Books for my school.

Summer Programs:

Yale Model United Nations Institute
Local College Model UN camp
Conference on National Affairs

I'm a good writer with a lot of stories to tell so I hope these will be good!

I love my teachers and college counselor so much, so I hope they l feel the same way.

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Replies to: Chance me for Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.--Junior

  • izrk02izrk02 411 replies16 threads Member
    I think your chances at top schools are really good! Your stats are good, and your ECs and APs are amazing! I think you could have your pick of schools.
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 5854 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Your stats are great. Being Asian will hurt your chances.

    I doubt that your chances are much different than the overall acceptance rates, or a bit lower. Quite a few of the spots at top schools are given to students with various hooks (legacy, athletes, URM).

    I think that it is worth an application, but you definitely need to make sure that you are also finding good safeties to apply to.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35098 replies398 threads Senior Member
    It won't hurt her as if she were one of thousands of stem applicants. The activities make her look appropriate for social sciences.

    At the same time, the ECs listed seem to lean toward activism. Other than drama, how can you show some rounding, some real gal behind this resume, how you get along, can be a great roommate, try things outside your specific interests, etc.

    Try to figure the balance HYP looks for. And consider some comm service beyond tutoring or fundraising.
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  • deneuralyzerdeneuralyzer 99 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Extracurriculars are great. GPA is great. Test score can be improved, but they probably won't care as much as they do about ECs (holistic review yay). You have as good a shot as anyone. Besides, your demographic is underrepresented in the social sciences anyway, so this may help too.
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  • cinnamon1212cinnamon1212 658 replies8 threads Member
    You are a great kid, with a great resume. But your chances are very low. That is because they are very low for *everybody*. Apply! But manage your expectations.
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