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What are my chances for CS @ T20s


Replies to: What are my chances for CS @ T20s

  • coolguy40coolguy40 2653 replies7 threads Senior Member
    Programmer here. I always chuckle when I see kids so hung up on prestige, then find out they want to study CS. Prestige doesn't matter in technology. Tech is a ridiculously employable skill with an almost infinite variety of specialties, subspecialties, and micro-specialties. CS degrees only teach you barely enough to get an entry-level position. The rest of your education is learned on the job. After about 3 years of experience, employers won't care where you went to school because they're desperate to find a qualified candidate for a job that's been open for 5 months.

    I recommend taking a scholarship if you can get one, but affordability is key. Piles of debt for a prestigious school won't benefit you in a world where no one asks where you went to school. You'll be making a modest salary for the first several years after graduation. By the time you're making enough to drive a BMW, your student loans will be paid off.
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  • roycroftmomroycroftmom 3434 replies40 threads Senior Member
    I think you have a good chance at HYPSM with generous financial aid.
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