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Chance-me EA to UW-Madison/Minnesota/Purdue/U of I-Champaign

throwawayuserthrowawayuser 0 replies1 threads New Member
Senior from WI, URM male.

Looking for a chance-me to…
UW-Madison, U of I-Champaign, Purdue & U of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Intended Major(s): CS or Law

ACT: 33

UW GPA: 3.16 (was not disciplined enough first two years; did fall into some depression).

Coursework (as a junior): * = self-study

AP Stats (5)
AP Bio (5)
AP Lang (4)
AP Gov (5)
AP CSA* (5)
AP CSP* (5)

Currently taking AP Phys/Calc AB/Lit/APUSH.

Extracurriculars: (average)
Forensics - 2 years; have qualified for state
Political Science Club - 2 years; run it
Robotics - 2 years
School newspaper - 2 years; a editor
Mock trial - 2 years

50+ hours volunteering at a local community center
Created a short documentary which received some local accolades,
but nothing more

Essays: 7/10
LOR’s: 8/10 (a great one from my AP Bio teacher, rest are average)

All of these schools are prob. reaches or borderline based on my lackluster stats, but I’m hoping my upward trend along with a exceptional junior year will tip the scales in my favor. It sucks that I had such a bad start to HS, but it is what it is.
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Replies to: Chance-me EA to UW-Madison/Minnesota/Purdue/U of I-Champaign

  • MWolfMWolf 2050 replies14 threads Senior Member
    edited January 15
    In all honesty, you do not have any chance of being accepted to CS at any of those schools.

    Your chances of being accepted at Madison are pretty low, even as an in-state student (according to their CDS, only 1% of all accepted students in 2019 had a GPA of under 3.25), and your chances at being accepted at any of the other schools are also on the low side. While your ACTs are in the mid range, or even on the higher side for some majors, your GPA is in the bottom 25% for all of those schools.

    So I don't think that you should waste time applying as a CS major. However, do apply to these schools as any major in which you can fulfill the requirements for pre-law. While your chances are low, there is a decent chance. However, you should also look at the other U Wisconsin and UMN campuses.

    What URM group do you belong to, if you don't mind answering?

    Good luck!
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  • PrdMomto1PrdMomto1 313 replies5 threads Member
    edited January 15
    Are you in-state for any of these schools?

    Edit: Never mind. Just saw you are from Wisconsin. You have a better chance of being accepted to your in-state school than any out of state. BUT, as the previous posted said, your odds are much greater if you don't apply to CS. CS will be a tough admit at all of those schools. Applying to LAS would be a better option.
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 2638 replies6 threads Senior Member
    All those schools are going to be a bit unrealistic to get into a CS program. The good news about technology is that you don't need a prestigious school. This is a field that's ridiculously employable. A reasonably accredited university with a CS or IT degree should be more than enough. Even a minor in computers can get your foot in the door if you interview well.
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