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do i even have a chance?

vintagemoon21vintagemoon21 0 replies1 threads New Member
hi guys! first post here, so i'm freaking out and applying to a ton of colleges last minute, including my 5 dream schools. i know its awful but to make a long story short, i just recently got out of both the hospital and treatment so :(
i'm a hispanic girl who has a 4.4 gpa and a 26 act score. no matter what i tried i couldn't get get a higher one :/, who is in the top 8% in my class. my extracurriculars aren't great, but here are some of mine
i started my own pop up business as a fundraiser for an afterschool art class for underprivileged kids in my area in which i also teach and help run, i worked as a graphic designer and social media person for a national broadcasting network, i also work fulltime as a caretaker of my disabled brother.

i'm applying to like 15 schools, but i have 5 that i really really want to go to (Pepperdine, Fordham, SMU, Baylor and Clemson)
my counselor says i got a shot, but i don't know. do i? i don't want to get my hopes up.
I already got accepted into 2 schools, and i have a fair amount of safety and middle schools.

thank you so much yall!
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  • thumper1thumper1 76594 replies3392 threads Senior Member
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    It’s good that you have some acceptances already. And some other possible acceptances.

    I think you have a shot, but the schools listed above look like reaches to me...mostly because of your ACT score.

    But you have acceptances. So you are going to college.

    Can you pay for those schools??
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  • helloyouallhelloyouall 2 replies1 threads New Member
    A 26 on a act is a decently good score, but idk if good enough to get into your dream schools. I believe you've got a chance, if you can let the people know more about yourself. Do you play a insterment? Have you won any awards in your school? Give it a shot. There's nothing bad about giving it a shot.
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  • aquaptaquapt 2282 replies47 threads Senior Member
    What do you want to study?

    What's your EFC, and what can you realistically pay per year? Have you run the Net Price Calculators for these schools, to determine whether you will be able to afford them after financial aid? None of your four private U's guarantee full-need-met aid. Are you in-state for Clemson?

    You sound like you've accomplished a lot, with a lot on your plate both in terms of your own health and caring for your brother. You'd be an attractive candidate to a lot of colleges; the question is where you'll find a school that you like, that likes you, that offers what you're looking for, and that you can afford. Not enough info in your post to tell where that might be, but certainly no reason to think you wouldn't have a chance!
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