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Ivy Leagues Admission Inquiry (Need your Help...)

ib2020sjib2020sj 0 replies1 threads New Member
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Good morning everyone. I firstly want to say thank you for anyone who could give me an advice ^^
I am an international applicant with South Korean Citizenship.

I applied to several Ivy leagues and other colleges in the United States and I am highly concerned about being rejected by all... Therefore, I sincerely ask you all to evaluate a bit of my application as well as some advice.

Following is the list of Ivy League schools that I have applied.

- Harvard College (got deferred...)
- Yale University
- Princeton University
- Columbia University
- Cornell University

Currently, I am attending an international school that provides IB Diploma Programme.
I am slightly worried that my SAT score is comparatively low in Ivies. My stats are..

IB Diploma predicted grade: 45 out of 45 (I don't know how IB is recognized in U.S...)

Sat Score: 1410 out of 1600.

Life story: Suffered from Child cancer. Due to the cancer, I gained visual disability. In my essays, I explained how I overcome challenges as a disabled person and how I dream to change the world to help those children suffering from the cancer just as me. Hence, I need the education of this specific uni and its course.

Also, do you think Universities may reject South Korean from China due to virus incident...?

Thank you very much
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Replies to: Ivy Leagues Admission Inquiry (Need your Help...)

  • UGG2023UGG2023 255 replies4 threads Junior Member
    What are your EC’s?
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  • skieuropeskieurope 40533 replies7536 threads Super Moderator
    do you think Universities may reject South Korean from China due to virus incident...?

    And since there is nothing urgent about this, I edited your clickbait title.
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  • LindagafLindagaf 9929 replies538 threads Senior Member
    I’m so sorry that you suffered from cancer. Unfortunately, colleges won’t admit you just because you were sick.

    If your goal is to be educated at an American university, your list should have included some schools that are easier to get into. It’s entirely possible that you won’t get into any of those colleges.

    The things you do outside of school are very important to all those colleges, as are your essays and teacher recommendations.

    There will be applicants from SouthKorea who will have top grades and test scores. Your test score is low for those schools, and that puts you at a disadvantage. Best of luck to you.
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  • oldfortoldfort 23123 replies294 threads Senior Member
    This is really for other students who are applying in the future...I don't think it matters any more for OP, there is nothing he/she could do but to wait now.

    Your reason for wanting to go to those schools is not very compelling. You could still change the world helping children without going to those schools. The Ivies do not offer any specific courses for you to achieve your goal. Those top tier schools already know they offer top notch education and that's why so many students want to go there. They are more interested in what YOU could offer to them. They are building a community, hence they want to know which piece of puzzle you could fit in.

    Yes, there is a good chance you could be rejected by all or be accepted by all. I assume you have other options besides those schools.
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  • sgopal2sgopal2 3610 replies50 threads Senior Member
    Your predicted IB scores are fantastic. But your SAT is on the low end for the schools that you are applying. I think the chances are quite low.

    You would fare much better with some British schools, who focus more on IB marks. Good luck.
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  • nomatternomatter 277 replies9 threads Junior Member
    ib2020sj wrote: »
    I dream to change the world to help those children suffering from the cancer just as me. Hence, I need the education of this specific uni and its course.

    No, you really don't "need" a degree from one of the Ivies. No one "needs" that to make an impact, or to be a 'world changer'. U.S. Ivy League schools, with their razor thin admissions rates, and very large applicant pools, are hardly the only universities that can help you achieve your goals. Not even close.

    What you don't mention is what course of study you actually want to purse. What can you (or your family) afford to pay? The answers to those two questions would yield more realistic options, and next steps.
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  • IvyCentralIvyCentral 9 replies0 threads New Member
    I hope you have applied for target and safeties as well and not just the Ivies. Your PG's are super and will definitely get noticed, however, your SAT is very low for all the schools you are aiming for and I have no idea how your Grades 9 through 11 worked out; I can only assume they are outstanding as well? The fact that you are visually challenged could play a role in the admissions decision; the child cancer would probably not. Universities do want to admit a diverse group of students; I have worked with a number of visually challenged students who have gained acceptance to the ivies; however, the question for me would be what have you done already to help those suffering from cancer or the visually challenged?
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