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What are my chances? (Ivies, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, etc.)

bluepenguin8bluepenguin8 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi! I'm new to college confidential, but I wish I had discovered it sooner. I am a high school senior who has applied regular decision to ten colleges, some of which include Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA. I would love if you would leave responses about my resume, where I could have strengthened myself, and what I might expect when the decisions roll out in the coming months. Thanks for the feedback! Just trying to find ways to make the time until March fly by...


White, upper-middle income, Non-Legacy, Male, Public School


Cumulative W GPA: 4.68 (Rank 4 of 600)
Cumulative UW GPA: 4.00 (Rank 1 of 600)
ACT: 35 (Essay: 12)
SAT: 1540 (Essay: 22)
Math II: 800
M. Biology: 770


Biology (5)
Euro (5)
Lang (5)
Envi Sci (5)
Currently enrolled in Calc BC, Literature, and Gov.


Student Government (9th-12th)
- Executive Vice President
- Spirit/Activities Department Advisor
- Student Section Spirit Leader
- Co-Founded "Student Senate"
- Initiated Intramural tournament series

Boy Scouts (2010-Present)
- Eagle Scout (project: built a sensory garden for special needs students at a local elementary school. Raised $1900, 300 service hours, media)
- Senior Patrol Leader (11th-12th)

Cross Country (9th-12th)
- Varsity Team Captain
- 2nd Place league JV (11th)

Track and Field (9th-12th)
- Varsity Team Captain
- All League Frosh/Soph 800m (10th)

American Legion Involvement
- Boys State California Delegate (Served as State Assembly Minority Leader, placed 2nd of 1000 in oratorical competition, legal advocacy quarterfinalist, impeached governor, and garnered 300 signatures for my petition to change structure of convention)
- AL Oratorical Competition (2019: Post, District Champion & Area Runner-Up // 2020: Post Champion, future rounds TBD)

Religious Affiliation
- Extensive involvement with local congregation & service
- Youth Group President

Model United Nations (9th-12th)
- Club President (12th)

Not One More Teen Suicide Club (10th-12th)
- Club Treasurer (11th)

Ping Pong Club (9th-11th)
- Club Secretary (10th-11th)

So, what do you think? I know the competition is really steep, so feel free to be honest. At the end of the day, I'll be happy wherever I end up.

Thanks again, I look forward to constructive criticism.

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Replies to: What are my chances? (Ivies, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, etc.)

  • coolguy40coolguy40 2652 replies7 threads Senior Member
    edited February 11
    I could probably tell a high school kid, if they stand on their head and drink garlic-laced pickle juice, and it would increase their chances of getting into Harvard; the next day, I would see it on YouTube.

    Here's the reality. Chances are between 5 to 10 percent for these schools, which gives you a greater than 90% chance of being declined for all of them. If there was a way to increase your chances, EVERY kid would do it, nullifying your chances. Even if you got in, there's a good a chance you couldn't afford it, not that a 300k bachelors degree is a good value anyway. Just keep your main focus on a good list of affordable match and safety schools you're serious about.
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  • BKSquaredBKSquared 1526 replies8 threads Senior Member
    Based on stats and the level of EC's described, you are obviously competitive for all those schools. I disagree with the above comment that your chances are similar to the overall admissions rate of 5-10% (yours are higher). On the other hand, there are thousands of applicants with similar or higher objective stats vying for very limited spots, where the decision will be based on subjective human opinions of the quality of your LoR's, essays and EC's as compared to like students the AO is trying to fill the class with. So all of the listed schools are reaches. I hope within the 10 schools you applied to, there are match and safety schools, including perhaps a state flagship and perhaps an honors program at the flagship.
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  • IvyCentralIvyCentral 9 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi bluepenguin8,

    Great Resume, Great Stats: I think you have a good chance with UCLA and other UC's and defo JHU (Non-Bio Majors). I don't think you did enough to win the Ivies or Stanford.

    You have great EC's but for me nothing seems to stand out as one major thing. Maybe I am missing something.
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  • TheBigChefTheBigChef 671 replies6 threads Member
    I think you have a decent chance of getting into UCLA. Not a sure thing, but a decent chance. The other schools are long shots - as they are for all unhooked applicants. It’s possible that you get into one of them, but it’s unlikely. I hope you also applied to some match and safety schools.
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  • College2024College2024 10 replies0 threads New Member
    You have a great application. Your grades are, well, perfect, and your stats are very fine as well. Your EC's are great, being a captain of XC/TF plus MUN plus being an Eagle Scout is no easy feat whatsoever. I obviously can't see your essays and recs, but I think you that UCLA and JHU you have a great chance of getting in to. HYPS will be tough, but I do believe you have a fighting chance. However, as mentioned, I hope you have good matches and safety's, but truthfully I do believe you will get into at least 1/6 schools listed and likely more.
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