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What are my chances? UMiami, Northwestern, Pepperdine

ajwetzelajwetzel 0 replies1 threads New Member
Female, accounting or business, Illinois, private catholic hs

4UW 4.2W

31 (31 eng, 35 math, 30 rd, 26 sci), taking again and hope to get 32/33

-varsity tennis (2 yr)
-respect for life club (2 yr), campus ministry eucharistic minister (3 yr)
-100+ service hours throughout hs
-school ambassador (4 yr)
-babysitting jobs all throughout hs
-15 hr/week babysitting job jr and sr yr
-hobby making homemade cards

Strong/unique essay and solid rec

Legacy helps?
-dad went to NU, grandfather went to NU med school and donated a lot
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Replies to: What are my chances? UMiami, Northwestern, Pepperdine

  • coolguy40coolguy40 2653 replies7 threads Senior Member
    Northwestern doesn't have an undergraduate business degree, so if you're planning on doing anything in business or accounting, you'll need to look elsewhere. You have solid grades/scores, I think UIUC would be a great option.
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  • sgopal2sgopal2 3610 replies50 threads Senior Member
    Legacy does help at Northwestern. But it looks like you didn't apply ED. The RD round at Northwestern is very unpredictable. Especially coming from IL. Your ACT score is on the low end for RD round. But legacy may help out.
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  • sgopal2sgopal2 3610 replies50 threads Senior Member
    Also if your grandfather donated a lot to NW. Does he have a development contact? If not then it means his donations were not meaningful enough to get their attention. If yes, then ask your development person what they think your chances are.
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  • Mwfan1921Mwfan1921 3362 replies63 threads Senior Member
    Are you a junior?

    What is the rigor of your curriculum (honors, APs, etc.)?

    What math class will you have senior year?

    No one can really give you an accurate chance of admission...there's too much we won't know about your app (essays, LoRs).

    The schools you listed are pretty different in some significant ways...what other schools are on your list?

    NU will be a reach, unless your grandfather is known to the development office. Even then, you should try to get your ACT score up.

    NU does not have any business majors, although they have a 4 course certificate with Kellogg. If you did that, what would you major in? https://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/certificate/

    UMiami has your majors, is probably a low reach/high match (31 ACT is the 25%ile for class of 2023)

    Pepperdine has your majors, and is a match. Are you comfortable with the religious aspect of Pepperdine? https://seaver.pepperdine.edu/student-life/spiritual/convocation/

    Ultimately, you want a list comprised of several reaches, a handful of matches, and at least one affordable safety.

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