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Chance me pls!!

Spacefan006Spacefan006 0 replies2 threads New Member

Hi, I’m an international student. Currently a high school senior Here are my stats! GPA: 95.6% SAT:1550 SAT II : MathII, physics, Chem(800 in all) AP(all self studied and school does not offer) Computer Science A, Physics C, and Calculus BC 5 in all Taking 3 more this year. EC’s: - physics research under a prof at a local university for 5 years. I have 2 PhD level research paper’s accepted by Cornell and a conference organised by NASA(I am the sole author of both the papers). One of my papers is currently under review at a very prestigious journal. I’m am also working on two other papers that should be done by March. Mentor at my astronomy class(3rd year) -interned at a local planetarium (1 year) -interned at CERN last summer -Founder and President of Astronomy club at school(2 years) -Captain of Table tennis Team(2nd year as Captain) -Part of the Editorial board of 2 journals(2 years). -Accepted by junior academy this year(10% acceptance rate). -Presented talks to PhD students and physics faculty at 2 prestigious universities in my country on my research. -Volunteer at a non-profit organisation(2 years) - I also have a few awards in Table tennis( represented my state) and a few in physics.

I did not apply for financial aid. I am a girl who wants to major in either physics/ mathematics. Pls chance me for Stanford, UT Austin, UCLA, UCB, UCSD,UCSB, Cornell, Dartmouth, and UMD
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 7247 replies71 threads Senior Member
    As @happymomof1 noted on your other, identical, post, nobody here can tell you anything meaningful. Offers will be out soon; in the meantime go find something to distract yourself with. Good luck, and come on back & let us know how it all works out!
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