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Chance me

DrSenioritisDrSenioritis 33 replies1 threads Junior Member
Okay so, chance me for:
Duke, UVA(Deferred EA),Northeastern(Deferred EA), Northwestern, Cornell, UPenn, Vanderbilt, Bucknell, Tufts, Johns Hopkins (I have safeties that I already got into dont worry)

Stats: 34 ACT superscore (35E,34S,34R,34M). 33 composite, but all the colleges superscore besides Cornell.

Intended major: Mathematics for all schools except for UVA and Northeastern which are mechanical engineering and Cornell I applied to CALS for bioengineering because that’s the SUNY part.

I’m from Long Island NY, white male.

Gpa: 3.96uw/4.4w. But my school inflates and is on a 100 scale so it’s really a 96.7 and a 108.24. All As one B+. 10 AP Classes including 3 this year, two 5s (Chem and Stats), and two 4s (Bio and Lang). Top 10% of my class of 115 kids (top 10 basically)

ECs/volunteer: Vice President of student council, treasurer of yearbook club, shift leader at part time job since sophomore year where I work 20-25 hours a week, free math and science tutor for underclassman after school, interact club (key club), part of church youth group that sets up volunteer activities for us, peer Partners Club which is a peer mentoring group for students special needs, National honor society, math honor society, science honor society, foreign language honor society, volunteer in the dining hall for 7hrs/day for one week at a feast over the summer, volunteer at international night at my school which promotes cultural awareness, volunteer at the boys and girls club where I mentor kids and help them complete their homework, dog care provider for families when they are away, part of birthday wishes club where we make gifts and cards for children in hospitals. And that’s it, pretty weak, I know.

My common app essay was about my love for fixing technology and my journey of buying my own laptop and exploring my passion through it.

Letters of rec are very strong from two teachers I had a strong connection with, my Geometry/statistics teacher and my AP Chem teacher.

Overall, I feel that I was way too ambitious in this whole process and I have huge regrets about the places I applied to. I wish I could go back to November and apply to more schools with higher acceptance rates because after getting deferred from Northeastern and UVA I lost all hope. Please be honest with me... ty.
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Replies to: Chance me

  • LindagafLindagaf 9936 replies538 threads Senior Member
    I think Bucknell is a possibility. I think you’ll get into NE RD. The others are high reaches for all.
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  • ultimomultimom 229 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I’m not good at the chance thing but I do like your user name.

    You have a very good high school record and I’d expect you should get into some of these schools.

    I am surprised you got deferred at Northeastern. I’d expect you have a great chance at Bucknell.
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  • DrSenioritisDrSenioritis 33 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Yeah I was surprised I was deferred from Northeastern as well, I think it’s because I displayed 0 interest into the school and they care about that apparently, so I sent in a LOCI and signed up for webinars, hopefully I get in RD
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  • bloomfield88bloomfield88 303 replies0 threads Member
    edited February 14
    Keep your chin up. I am sure the deferral was not fun, but you say you have your safeties. You will be fine.

    Your situation sounds similar to my middle child. My D was gung-ho on a different college in that same T50 range and she was deferred. She was so furious. I never saw her so mad. She pulled her name from RD.

    Before she pulled her name, her older sister told her it happens at their high school with that school, due to yield protection, because they aren't convinced their high school's highest stat students will attend. She was not believing any of this. I was secretly ecstatic, because it was the worst fit school on her list and it saved me from having to try to talk her out of that college.

    Every college she was accepted to was higher ranked and all were a better fit for her.

    It will work out. Keep the faith.
    edited February 14
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 2653 replies7 threads Senior Member
    Ambition is good. Here's my advice from someone who programs for a living. Don't be a math major. It won't help you at all. For the exception of electrical engineering or scientific research (need CS or EE degree anyway), programming in the 21st century requires almost no math. It's mostly coding, which is all learning by doing. Most CS graduates get corporate IT jobs and never look at a math problem their entire career. I recommend getting a technical degree. Computer Science should be more than enough to get you an entry level job.

    Also, prestige has no impact on your job prospects, either in the short or long run. Computers is ridiculously employable with thousands of specialties, sub-specialties, and micro-specialties. If you're in a safety school that's affordable, you will be just fine.
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  • PublisherPublisher 9640 replies121 threads Senior Member
    edited February 14
    My best guess is that Duke & Northwestern will be tough for you as you did not apply ED & your high school is on Long Island.

    Reasonable shot at Tufts & at Cornell. Also at JHU.

    Vanderbilt is too tough to predict.

    Also, Bucknell seems like a match, but nothing is certain.

    Hopefully, you applied to one or two schools in the SUNY system as safeties.
    edited February 14
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  • DrSenioritisDrSenioritis 33 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @Publisher yes I applied to Binghamton and was accepted for engineering. ty!
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  • bloomfield88bloomfield88 303 replies0 threads Member
    I have no idea why coolguy40 is pushing coding on the OP.

    I don't see anything written by the OP having a scintilla of interest in coding for a living. Mechanical engineering, bioengineering and math are the majors applied to. No mention of wanting to code or anything about CS.

    Math is a fantastic major and in high demand. Your path looks great.

    If one wants to code for a living, one could question whether spending 4 years in any college is worth it vs going to a bootcamp coding school and then working 3 years and getting way ahead.
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