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please chance an anxious junior for (hopefully) t20s :(

weishenmeweishenme 1 replies1 threads New Member
- asian american (chinese)
- female
- first generation college
- high income
- public school
- small town in washington, not many opportunities without 2+ hours commute

intended major: mostly undecided but hoping to go into biomedical research (conflicted bc im also interested in a few other things but science major for sure)

- gpa: 3.96/4.00 (unweighted) 4.46/5.00 (weighted)
- rank: i think top 5%? & my school calculates unweighted only
- haven't taken the sat yet, but aiming for at least high 1400s
- freshman year: ap environmental science (4), ap human geography (5)
- sophomore year: ap physics 1 (3 rip), ap psych (5), ap micro (5); also took honors lang, ap macro (didn't take test) and ib math sl
-junior year: took tests for ap physics 2, ap bio, ap lang, ap calc ab and ap chinese (fluent and not taking class); also taking ib math y2 and ib hota
-senior year intending to take ap chem, ap calc bc, ap art, ap lit, ib hota y2, ib anthro and possibly ap stats

awards: not many and both in junior year
- scholastic art competition silver key
- second place in state science fair in my division (and hoping to refine my project to submit to some research papers this summer, but not really optimistic about it

extracurriculars: (in order of importance)
- cofounded + president of my school's environmental club (since sophomore year)
- involvement in local sunrise movement hub, intending to found art team in my hub and create strike circle at my school
- part of national honor society
- volunteered at food bank freshman-sophomore year + various other volunteer experience including at science summer camp last summer

honestly i'm really not sure about my chances, but my dream schools are brown (i really love their open curriculum), or uc berkeley (political acitivism is important to me and bay area <3). i'm also interested in ucla, columbia, and cornell to name some others. feel free to ask questions! just an anxious junior questioning my "accomplishments" after being rejected from an internship :/
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Replies to: please chance an anxious junior for (hopefully) t20s :(

  • melslemonademelslemonade 22 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Your stats seem good. Competitions/ awards are not bad either. But the competition for medical and science majors, especially at ivy leagues, is cutthroat. Asians are also ORM and it makes it even more difficult. Your GPA is in the right place. AP scores are not bad. Scores are important though so it also depends on what happens with your SAT/ ACT unless applying to test-optional only. Also, you listed your EC's mostly as clubs and volunteer work but do you play any instruments or sports too?

    Ivy competition is cutthroat.
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 6551 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Do you have any budget limits? You would likely be full pay at UCLA or UC Berkeley.

    The University of Washington is a very good university. Given how strong it is, I would be reluctant to pay the extra cost for UCLA or UCB unless you parents are very wealthy.

    I do not know whether U.Washington would be a safety for you. If it is, then given how strong it is, to me it makes sense to apply to a second safety (possibly Washington State) and then with solid safeties in place go for it and apply to Brown and Cornell and your other reach schools if the NPC says they are affordable or you are fine with being full pay. If you want to look across your northern border UBC would also be a strong choice, and should be no worse than a match given your excellent stats.

    A lot of internships evaporated this summer because of the pandemic. You are in good company.
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  • weishenmeweishenme 1 replies1 threads New Member
    @melslemonade thank you for the input! i don't play any instruments or sports, but i've pretty involved in art and in addition to the scholastic award i won this year, am planning to send my art to a few more competitions this upcoming summer as well.
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  • stressedoutttstressedouttt 3981 replies131 threads Senior Member
    I feel like you've got a very good shot at UCLA.
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  • sgopal2sgopal2 3874 replies52 threads Senior Member
    You've got a great profile. I thing ED to Brown would be a reasonable course of action, assuming the estimated cost is ok with your parents. If not then I agree with others to stay at home at UW -- its such a great school, and you'll save loads of money. For anything in biomedical sciences, you'll almost certainly need a graduate degree.
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  • maestroabcxyzmaestroabcxyz 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Idk I’m a junior too I have really low gpa 3.75 but super high sat 1550. Not going into my ecs but they seem good on one level and lackluster on another.
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