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Chance me at T20s/Ivies?

hyunjinskzhyunjinskz 5 replies5 threads New Member
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Hello! Please chance me at T20s... I'm particularly looking at Brown, Columbia, and Northwestern.
ACT: 35
SAT Subject Tests: Bio 800, Math 2: 800 Literature: 760
I've only gotten one B+ in my freshman year math class. I've taken 18 AP tests 15 5s, 3 4s, and 5 of them were self-studies.
1. HOSA co-founder/president senior year (3 years)
2. Psychology Research internship at a UC since the summer of ninth grade(hundreds of hours)
3. I founded an organization based on my psych research that I did with the help of the UC lab I'm a part of. It revolves around helping the underprivileged in society achieve their passions through economic stability and success. I founded the organization in high school, but I have branches at multiple universities such as UC Berk, UCI, Chapman University. (3 years)
4. non-profit organization volunteer (secretary, vp, president) basically organization that empowers people with disabilities (9-12)
5. founder/president of a club at my school that raises money and awareness to the malnourished in third-world countries and in the United States.
5. Yearbook Staff Member for 1 year editor for two years.
6. Science Olympiad team member for 2 years, vice president senior year.
7. JV Tennis 2 years then Varsity 2 years
8. Creative writing president club from 10-12
9. Volunteer at non-profit organization with kid immigrants that are in very poor circumstances; many of them have been abused//very low-income and don't have families. The organization essentially takes complete care of them. (9-12)
10. student editor for student-run journal (10-12)
11. A bunch of other school leadership positions that are above clubs but probably not going to put them in my college app.
12. Published my own poetry/it's a book you can buy.

USABO Semifinalist
National AP Scholar
National Merit Semifinalist
Science Olympiad Regional Awards
Silver Key for Scholastic
Multiple school awards
Finalist for a neuroscience competition
I have published poetry in multiple journals.

I'm an Asian American at a very competitive high school with more than 800 people in my grade and approximately 40 percent of the students are also Asian.
Honestly, I tried to center my high school career around three topics: STEM, writing, and helping the less fortunate. Hopefully, I can tie it together well through my essays. Also, I'm low-income with approx 60,000 income.
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Replies to: Chance me at T20s/Ivies?

  • hyunjinskzhyunjinskz 5 replies5 threads New Member
    also,, im thinking of undeclared, but does anyone have any ideas for majors for me? i'm really lost
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  • PublisherPublisher 11376 replies152 threads Senior Member
    What is "HOSA" ?

    You are well qualified for all three target schools.

    It is okay to be "undecided" at all 3 universities.

    With respect to Northwestern University, it is easy to double major or triple major, and it is easy to switch majors.

    Since you are inclined to help others, SESP (School of Education & Social Policy) at Northwestern might be a great match for you. If admitted to NU, you will be allowed to have an additional major in the college of arts & sciences (Weinberg).
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  • flamingogirlflamingogirl 44 replies0 threads Junior Member
    WOW your accomplishments are very impressive good luck
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  • sgopal2sgopal2 3868 replies52 threads Senior Member
    Wow, those APs are amazing. Your application is spectacular, except for two things: being Asian American and your financial need. Unfortunately these are out of your control.

    You might be able to get one of the Ivy+ schools to give you a serious look, but I would suggest to apply early somewhere. If possible binding ED. Run the EFC on each of the websites and see if they are affordable.

    But the truth is that being a ORM and having a lot of financial need is a bad combination. Just make sure you have a lot of safety and match schools on your list. Best of luck
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  • happy1happy1 24023 replies2407 threads Super Moderator
    edited May 31
    You look to be a competitive applicant with academics and ECs that should get you a serious look at any college. The rest will depend on things we can't see such as your essays, LORs etc. as well as some degree of luck.

    Any elite college (with acceptance rates often in the single digits) should be considered a reach for any unhooked applicant. Be sure to take the time to search out a group of match and safety schools that appear affordable (run net price calculators) and that you would be excited to attend.

    edited May 31
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  • whidbeyite2002whidbeyite2002 275 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Wow! Stellar accomplishments, @hyunjinskz !

    My daughter applied to Columbia and Brown; both supplemental applications were extensive. Somehow she completed them quite well during a very long power outage and was waitlisted by Brown and accepted to Columbia, one of her top choices.

    Here is what I believe tipped the scales in her favor:

    1. The basic high stats: SAT, GPA, subject tests. You have that.

    2. Extracurricular activities demonstrating breadth, depth, and long commitment. Her extracurriculars showed a tendency toward compassion for others as well. I believe you have that, too!

    3. Extraordinary care in writing her personal essay and responding to the supplemental essays. It took my daughter 3 tries to figure out the best way to craft her personal essay. When I saw the last rough draft, I knew it was it. I could hear her voice and see her journey. And it certainly helped that she tied together disparate strands of her interests and was funny, too. As a writer, I believe you can do this, too.

    Wishing you the absolute best with your applications!
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  • whidbeyite2002whidbeyite2002 275 replies1 threads Junior Member
    One more thing: my daughter needed quite a bit of financial aid, too.
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  • theloniusmonktheloniusmonk 2984 replies5 threads Senior Member
    "But the truth is that being a ORM and having a lot of financial need is a bad combination"

    Not sure on the financial need since that income could make adcoms feel good in helping with economic mobility, but yes by and large they'd prefer a URM for that. The Asian in CA is going to be the biggest issue.

    OP, do you have an idea on major, that would determine a little on the chances. Also you have to tighten up your ECs, no adcom is going to believe you had an impact on 9 or 10 ECs, and co-founding all those organizations, along with the Olympiad awards, which is a huge time sink. I know a few people with you profile that got into the schools you mention along with the MITs/Cal Techs of the world and they only had 4 or 5 ECs. For STEM - it was olympiad along with research, and a couple clubs, maybe a sport. For non-stem it was debate, co-editor in chief, writing award or two, a sport as well. All of them had community service, but none of them founded any service clubs.

    It may sound harsh, but cut that EC list in half and strengthen the six you have left. If you're thinking stem and a non-stem major, the three schools you mentioned will be great, Publishers' point of NU being easier to get a double major is a good one.
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