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Chance Me for Reed

Coffee02390239Coffee02390239 2 replies3 threads New Member
Reed is one of my dream schools, and I know that its a reach but I honestly have so much love for the school that it clouds my pessimism honestly.

Intended Major: Political Science
White-Male, Currently a Junior
Out-Of-State (Massachusetts)
First-Generation College Student

GPA: 3.6 (Weighted)
We don't have UW GPA's here, but I would guess somewhere around 3.1-3.3

I have taken all Honors and AP, with the exception of Math classes. I have taken 4 AP's up to junior year and will take 2 more Senior Year. In addition, I took a Dual Enrollment class Sophomore Year that I aced. I have also taken 4 years of Foreign Language if that matters.

ACT: 27, I am studying to bump it up to a 32+


Currently interning for a campaign for Congress over the summer

Volunteering for a 3rd Party Presidential Candidate this summer

Been involved in a YMCA Youth and Government program for over 3 years, attended both State and National Conference. In addition to serving as an officer this year, I am currently running to be the 2nd highest position in the State program next year.

Founding member of our schools DECA Chapter, gone to States twice in addition to serving as Secretary and Core Member over the years.

Junior year I tried out for my schools non-musical play and got a lead. I would then get the main lead for our Musical later in the year. In addition, I would get an All-Star personal acting award for the festival we showed our non-musical play to.

Written for the School Paper since Sophomore year

Involved with Activities Committee/Student Council since 9th Grade.

Was involved with the Science Team for 9th and 10th Grade.

Part Time Job since Sophomore Year.


1 from my Junior Year AP World Teacher. Has talked highly about me to other teachers and said I have a bright future when I asked for a recommendation

1 from my Sophomore Year Honors Biology teacher who I will also have Senior Year for Honors Biotechnology. Has consistently praised me and I am confident she will write a great recommendation.

1 from my Guidance Counselor. He has known me since 10th Grade, and has been with me through a lot. He definitely knows me well and has showed he thinks highly of me. I can rely on him to write a great recommendation that reflects the numerous mental health and familial issues I had throughout high school that has severely my GPA.

Supplemental/Extra: 1 from the Director of Drama that my high school hired this year, he has seen me through both performances, including the fact he chose me for the Musical, and we get along very well.

Supplemental/Extra: I am contemplating looking into asking for a LOR from the politician I am interning for. This is a very grassroots campaign and I have already talked to him over the phone numerous times, and things have been very cordial already.


I know Reed has a particular Essay asking about what topic you would teach if you could, and I already have a great idea. In addition, any other essays and personal statements will be great; writing is a forte of mine.


I actually interviewed today! It went extremely well. We went over my school life, what I like to do, my struggles with mental illness and family issues, and how I would contribute to the Reed Community, all of which was very smooth. In addition, the interviewer was a student so we discussed the unique nature of Reeds academics and it definitely strengthened my already very strong love for the school. I am confident the interview will strengthen my application.

Well, I think that's all. Any feedback and opinions would certainly be appreciated. In addition, if you have any ideas of schools you think I would be a good fit at and want to reverse chance me, feel free!

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