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Chance a Rising Sophomore for t20s / (Am I on the right track?)

Bmidn16Bmidn16 0 replies1 threads New Member

I am a rising sophomore from Texas and I am worried if I'm on the right track or not for t20s.

GPA: (4.5) W GPA due to Texas Pre-APs
UW: (4.0) as nothing below a 97 but in TX system 100% = 4.0 / 99% = 3.9 and so forth so it's something weird

Standardized Testing:

I plan on taking ACT come this winter, but right now, I can get 36 on the English / Science but still need some work on the Math & need to study Erica for Grammar lol

(Also on the SAT I can get a flat 1500 ish 700 - ERW & 800 - Math)
- I plan on taking Math 2, Chem, and BioM

ECs: (keeping it vague)
- Community Service [solid hours w/ key/interact club]
- Did "mini" internship at a local library on modeling
- JV sport (varsity next 3)
- Debate
- Math/Sci Team

That's about it, ty!
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Replies to: Chance a Rising Sophomore for t20s / (Am I on the right track?)

  • coolguy40coolguy40 2933 replies8 threads Senior Member
    It's too soon to know. You have at least 1.5 years before your SATs. Are you on the right track? Yes. There's a lot more to college than brand name. College is just a tool for turning dreams into achievements. And you'll be surprised how little the professional world cares about prestige. Get the best grades you can and study for the SAT. When choosing an undergraduate, the bank account talks louder than the college name. Also, your major is far more important than the school you go to. If you want to go into business you're better off at U of H with a business degree than a liberal arts degree at UT.
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  • collegeseeker01collegeseeker01 15 replies5 threads Junior Member
    As @coolguy40 already said, it is too soon to know. One thing that I will say is that you should add 2 more extracurriculars so that you have 7-8 meaningful ones for your application. In terms of standardized testing, don't worry about that until you finish your sophomore year, and then start studying for either the SAT or the ACT, not both. For right now, make sure to keep your grades up and enjoy high school. Best of luck.
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 6642 replies2 threads Senior Member
    I agree with the comments above except for one thing. I do not think that you need 7 or 8 ECs. I think that you need to participate in the ECs that you want to participate in, and you need to do them well.

    Personally I had three ECs in high school. I went to a highly ranked university. The point is not how many ECs you have, it is how well you do in them.

    As one example, if you become the president of a club, taking concrete steps to make the club better for everyone who participates in it is a good thing. Leadership is about helping others, and helping others to work together well.
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