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Chance me for fall 2020!

daisyfacedaisyface 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi! I will be a senior this fall. I am thinking of applying to a number of selective colleges. I would really appreciate your input on what my chances of being accepted to these schools would be!

GPA (FR-SOPH-JR): 3.8/4.0 unweighted
4.42/5.0 weighted
SAT: 1270
ACT: 26
* all the schools I am applying to are test-optional and most have stated that not sending your scores will not affect your chances of being accepted*
I am not sending my scores.

9 honors classes
7 AP Classes
AP US History: 4
AP English Language: 4
AP Physics 1: 3
AP Italian (this year)
AP Literature (this year)
AP Calc AB (this year)
AP World History (this year)

School Sports/Activities
-Marching Band (4 years)
I play flute :)
-Concert Band/Wind Ensemble (4 years)
-Varsity Swimming (4 years)
-JV Cheer (1 year)
-Band Committee
I was on a committee to find a new band director for my school. I helped interview
candidates and give feedback.

I’m being vague about the activities of the clubs because I don’t want anybody from my school finding this. However, I am very involved in all my clubs!

-Human Trafficking Club (raise awareness and educate the community -3 years, 1 year President)
-Club that raised awareness about Native American issues and cultures (3 years)
-Club that would hang out with disabled kids and help them learn social skills (4 years)
-Animal Club (4 years, 1 year President)

Honor Societies
-National Honor Society
-Tri-M National Honor Society (2 years)
Held Social Media Position on board (1 year)
- Italian National Honor Society (I’m applying this year)

Volunteer Work
-Spent 26 hours over the summer working on an animal farm cleaning cages and feeding birds of prey, goats, chickens, turkeys, and pigs
-Spent 12 hours playing piano in the lobby of my local hospital
-Spent 3 days over the summer in South Dakota working on a Native American reservation, helping them with anything they needed

-Spent a summer doing cancer research with a professor at a university. I am listed as the co-author of our findings, which will be published later this year.

-10 hours a week for the past 2 years

Race: White

I am unsure of my major at the moment. I think it will either be Pre-Med/Biology or History with a minor in Italian.

University of Delaware
Syracuse University

Villanova University*
Lehigh University*
Bucknell University
Fordham University
Skidmore College

Boston University
Boston College
Colgate University
New York University

It’s really hard to determine what schools would be a reach vs a target for me as my SAT/ACT scores are not part of my application.

*I really love Lehigh and Villanova, so I will probably be applying EA for both of them!*
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Replies to: Chance me for fall 2020!

  • coolguy40coolguy40 3027 replies8 threads Senior Member
    The bank account always wins no matter how convincing the argument. Private and out of state schools are considered financial reach schools. Before you apply to any of these schools, you'll need to have the "money" talk with your parents. I can almost guarantee, that list will be dramatically different afterwards.

    Plus, now isn't a good time to go to an exotic school. It's been more and more common that kids, who started out with money, are having to come home because of lay-offs. Even when life was normal, that scenario has been common. After the COVID apocalypse, it's increased by a factor of 10,000. I recommend going to school closer to home. If you find yourself in such a scenario, you can live at home and take out student loans.
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  • LZHopeLZHope 68 replies17 threads Junior Member
    Your chances are quite good!

    I would say you can get into almost all of your target schools.
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