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Chance Me! (UVA, JHU, CWRU, WUSTL, Georgetown)

cashewsayshicashewsayshi 1 replies1 threads New Member
-Colleges I'm applying to
- UVA (in-state, good match, lots of people from my hs go there)
- JHU (the dream! a big reach tho)
- Georgetown
- William and Mary (safety tbh unless I'm super bad at this stuff)
- UPitt (safety)
- NYU (kind of a reach ik)
- Purdue

-Unweighted GPA: 3.94

-Weighted GPA (5-point scale): 4.37

-# of AP/IB/honors courses:
- 8 APs (4 already taken, 4 for senior year)
- 1 Post-AP (weighted as an AP)
- 19 honors courses (counted semester courses as one full course. is that okay?)

-class rank/size: my hs doesn't do rank

-SAT/ACT scores
- SAT: 1570 (first and only sitting)
- Math: 800
- R/W: 770

-SAT II scores
- Chem: 790
- Bio: 760 (should i submit this? its really not too hot)

-AP scores
- AP Biology: 5 (10th grade)
- AP Calculus AB: 5 (11th grade)
- AP CS A: 4 (11th grade)
- APUSH: 4 (11th grade)

- Director of a Hackathon! also on the board of directors for this organization. Got involved in 11th grade, will def continue into 12th. devoted a s*** ton of time to this (200+ hours for sure). also served as a cs mentor for this org (its a npo btw)

- Co-leader of an independent research project. we were using fruit flies to model the effect of diet on a neuronal disease. started in 10th grade, would like to continue to 12th but im not sure if it will happen bc of online school. would like to mention it even tho we didn't get results bc it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun too

- publicity and sponsorship lead for a covid organization. ONCE AGAIN, i cannot specify what org or go into a lot of detail bc i will expose myself super hard but this org had a genuine, quantifiable impact in what we did and i'm really proud of the work i did too (100+ hours btw)

- publicist for a club that was actually kind of unique so if i specify it will be dumb exposing. this club was fun but its not like an OmG ShEs A GeNiUs club so i'm not sure if it will look good/be beneficial to me to write down. got involved in 9th grade, became publicist in 11th

- yearbook. super self explanatory, got involved in 11th grade. v fun and wrote a lot of stuff and took lots of photos but no leadership, i kind of j joined bc it seemed fun.

- Scholastic Art and Writing Awards - Silver Medal for personal memoir at regional level (10th grade)
- Grand Concours Silver (10th grade) and Bronze (9th grade) (for those of you who dont know its basically a national french competition)
- AP Scholar with Honor
- NHS inductee

-short explanation on recs/essays:
- Recs:
- AP Bio and Post-AP teacher: i think she genuinely liked me and let me do a research project under her. not to mention she offered to write my rec so 10/10
- Physics teacher: i didn't do amazing in his class but i put in a lot of effort and he saw that and offered to write my rec so hopefully 10/10
- Essays:
- have a few solid ideas and im a pretty good writer. i also have grammarly premium so if i do sound really bad this should save me LMAO

-Additional information:
- Ethnicity/race: indian (asia india not native american)
- gender: female
- state: virginia
- field: biomedical engineering but im also very interested in public health and research. honestly would like to j grow up and be like dr. fauci LMAO
- socioeconomic background: upper middle class but only one parent working and on the older side, not sure if that matters
- financial aid; applying only for schools that are need blind and uva cause in state

-Things i would appreciate a lil help on
- any other universities that yall would think would be a good fit for me? my parents are immigrants and im the first person in my family so im not too knowledgable
- do my ecs stand out? i think my hackathon director thing is kind of unique but im not too sure about the other stuff
- honestly thats about it. if yall have anything to add please do, as i stated above im the first in my family so any feedback is welcome. thanks a lot
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Replies to: Chance Me! (UVA, JHU, CWRU, WUSTL, Georgetown)

  • florida789florida789 45 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Excellent credentials and I think you will get selected. All the best
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  • cashewsayshicashewsayshi 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Oops, I also forgot to mention my college gpa which is a 4.0. I took two courses this summer with the local community college as part of their program to help students affected by covid. How important would this be to colleges i'm applying to?
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