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What is my chance to getting into my dream school?

sisia123sisia123 1 replies2 threads New Member
edited August 12 in What Are My Chances?
Hello everyone
Im currently senior and I am not sure what are my chances of getting into my college lists

my college lists are:

1.Stanford(dream school)
7.Cal Poly-San luis Obispo
8.Cal Poly-Pomona
9.San Jose State Univ.

my stats are:

1.GPA UW-3.92 GPA W-4.28
2. I will be taking total 6 APs from freshmen year to senior year

1. game development entrepreneurship
-I established my own game development company and it related with my interest(aerospace engineering) too. I currently have one employee and have published 2 games. Planning on publish around 8 by end of the year
2. Varsity Softball for 3 years
3. NHS
4. tutoring kids science & english
5.roles in clubs

So what is my chance of getting into those schools? especially Stanford?
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Replies to: What is my chance to getting into my dream school?

  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 31022 replies481 threads Forum Champion
    Do you have test scores?

    UC GPA’s? Post all 3. https://rogerhub.com/gpa-calculator-uc/

    Cal poly SLO GPA? Use the RogerHub calculator and add 9th grades to get the capped weighted GPA

    Highest level of Math? Which AP classes? What is the average # of AP classes taken at your HS?
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  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 31022 replies481 threads Forum Champion
    Also calculate your MCA score minus test scores here for Cal Poly SLO: https://mca.netlify.app/
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  • aunt beaaunt bea 10466 replies73 threads Senior Member
    Are you a California resident?

    Stanford is very tough to get into.
    They tend like students that have done things, long-term that achieve national interest for the community at large, and green environment awareness. Every year gets tougher and tougher for admission so it probably is not likely for you at this point.
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  • UndercrackersUndercrackers 893 replies2 threads Member
    Consider the first 3 on the list to be major reaches. D got into UCB, UCLA, UCSB, Cal Poly (did not apply to Stanford, so no idea if she would have gotten in there - my guess is no). Same # of AP's, a better unweighted GPA (very similar weighted), 2 sports, clubs, and a P/T job. Co-Valedictorian at her public HS, so I think that makes a difference: how did you fare against your peers at your school? BTW, 2 other Val's wound up at UCLA for engineering - one for sure aerospace - he's at Lockheed now.
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 6826 replies2 threads Senior Member
    I do not think that your chances at Stanford are much different from the overall acceptance rate at Stanford, and might be a bit lower.

    On the one hand your game development company sounds cool.

    However, a large percentage of the spots at Stanford are given to athletes, under-represented minorities, and legacy students. A large percentage of applicants to Stanford are academically very strong.

    It is a reach or a high reach. It probably is however worth an application.

    If you are a California resident then you have a good list to apply to. However, others are more knowledgeable than I about California.
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  • hoyasaxadudehoyasaxadude 8 replies1 threads New Member
    If I am not mistaken, the UC's don't factor your freshman GPA into your overall GPA. Therefore, if you were a bit weaker that year, it won't hurt as bad. Your chances are probably as good as anybody else. It's hard to give a statistical chance to anybody applying to such prestigious schools with acceptance rates in the single digits. Like anybody else, you have a shot. Keep working hard!
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