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Chance Me - NYU Stern, T20s, UT BHP

iloveguitariloveguitar 0 replies1 threads New Member
Ethnicity: Indian Male - Current Junior
GPA: 4.0/4.0 about a 5.6/6 - one or two As and all other A+
Top 2.5 percent of class (class size 500) - our class is so competitive:(
No Hooks :(
School: Relatively high income public, very competitive

I want to apply to Finance at T20s and UT (I want to hopefully get into honors BHP, I am in state)

Intended Major: Business - Finance

Income: low- I should get need based financial aid at out of state T20s to match in state; but i have to get in:(

SAT: Have not taken it but scoring within the range of 1510-1550

Course Load:

9th Grade: AP human geography (5) and all other honors/PreAP (school only offers one AP class for first and second year)
10th Grade; AP World History (5) and all others honors/PreAP
11th Grade: AP Compsci AP US, History, AP Lang, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Calculus AB; 12th Grade: AP Stat, AP Econ/Gov, AP Chem, AP Lit, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics 2 (These will probably change)

should have 14 APs by graduation (maybe one less)


Basketball (will be all 4 years) - 2 years varsity (technically 3)
DECA (will be) 4 years
Started my own club: Alpha Business - Stock market investing club; around 60 members
Taken 2 Harvard Courses for web and app development - Internship with medical professor to develop app for a projects (maybe patent? - pending) - got really lucky for this internship
Volunteer at Local children's hospital 160 hours+
Stuco - 4 years: freshmen and sophomore class rep
Looking for internship this summer - should probably get one through contacts
Local Sunday school for volunteering - Kindergarten-now
Blogger - Stock market news, teach others how to invest, tips and strategies


DECA International Qualifier 2 times, state champion 2 times in Finance
DECA Vice President - chapter of 180 people
Founder and President of Alpha Business - invest money, teach how to invest, tips and tricks - donate the profits of our investing
Stuco - Freshmen and Sophomore class rep
Basketball team captain - junior year


I don't think im strong enough candidate for upenn wharton but im planning on applying to Wharton, Stern, Columbia, and UT Austin (EA if they can) - I can't ED since the financial package is super important and if I do not receive enough financial aid I will not be able to go (I know it really decreases my chances not applying ED)

Safety: UT Austin

My target schools are UT BHP (Honors), I'm not sure if NYU is a target or reach but I really want to get into Stern - its my dream school

Reach: Stern, Wharton, Columbia, Stanford - again for a lot of these i dont think im a strong enough candidate, my dream school is NYU Stern

Essays/LORS: I am not the best writer but I am gonna really buckle down when they come around (I'm a junior right now), LORS - School counselor should be good (she writes a lot since our school has lots of students applying to prestigious institutions), Basketball Coach (not sure, either going to be amazing or not too good, but he really knows me and has seen me at my worst so I think it should be fine:))
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