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Chances at some CSUs

Reppintha415dimeReppintha415dime 78 replies28 threads- Junior Member
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I'm a junior, I have a 2.6 GPA, so its a bit low, but I still have 2 more semester to bring it up around a 2.8. I go to one of the top catholic schools in San Francisco. My PSAt was pretty high at a 198. I'll be taking both the ACT and SAT.

So, I got kind of screwed with classes in my frosh year so my classes are a bit weak i guess.

Heres my senior class schedule:

English 4 (4th Year)
History (3rd Year)
Spanish 3 (3rd Year)
Algebra 2 (3rd Year) Took Algebra in 8th grade and recieved a C+, then B-, then got forced into Intro ALG in 9nth, whatever.

I decided to take physio since I am into that and am a certified personal trainer at a gym. So what are my chances of I get an ACT score at around 25 and SAT at around 2000?

I'll be applying to:

Sac ST

Then possibly some UCs like Riverside, I'd like to apply to Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara but I don't think I've got enough to get in.
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Replies to: Chances at some CSUs

  • pmcharkinspmcharkins 407 replies53 threads Member
    if your SAT is 2000, thats wayyyyy better than a 25 on the ACT...and im pretty sure you are required to have above a 3.0 for CSU's to consider you, so you better work hard this semester

    I dont really know enough about the schools to chance you though
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  • Reppintha415dimeReppintha415dime 78 replies28 threads- Junior Member
    No, I believe its a 2.5 for CSU and Uc's.
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  • pmcharkinspmcharkins 407 replies53 threads Member
    I just checked the UC website, the minimum requirement is 3.0


    And I checked CSU's, you only need a 2.0 I guess, but still, you defnitely want to have a GPA above 3.0, especially for SDSU
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  • hopeful01hopeful01 14 replies1 threads New Member
    CSU's you need at least a 18 on the ACT or 820 (out of 1600 I think) on the SAT for consideration. For the UC's you need at least a 3.0 (And I think that is at the time that you apply)
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  • BeatchickBeatchick 797 replies30 threads Member
    You should be able to get into Chico. My friend had a 2.8 and not great SAT scores and got in there and some of the other Cal. States. Keep up the grades -- if you get a 3.0 your in no matter what your SAT or ACT is for most of the Cal. States.
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  • pmcharkinspmcharkins 407 replies53 threads Member
    you will almost certainly get into SFSU its really easy
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  • CalcruzerCalcruzer 4756 replies76 threads Senior Member
    With a high SAT score, (like anything at 1800 or above):

    ASU--slight reach
    SFSU--safe match to match
    USF--match to slight reach
    Sac ST--match

    With a 2000 on the SAT, I would expect you to be accepted at all of these schools.

    You should also consider Sonoma State or Fullerton State--Sonoma in particular is a really good school.

    P.S. I went to CSULB even though I was also accepted to Brown, then I went on to UCLA to get my MBA, so just work hard and you'll be very successful in life--and don't let the slightly lower 2.5 GPA bother you. (Even Steven Spielberg went to CSULB when he was rejected from USC and UCLA--and I think he's done quite nicely).

    Good luck.
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  • ucchrisucchris 1131 replies7 threads Senior Member
    csulb is not a match when chico is also.... csulb much more difficult to gain admission to than chico.
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  • Reppintha415dimeReppintha415dime 78 replies28 threads- Junior Member
    Ya but with a good SAT score I could get into either, with above an 1800 score Chico could possibly be a match slight safety. Also, I want to major in some type of business, will that hurt my chances if i apply to somewhere like San Diego State? Also, for the reaches and matches. Whats the percen that I'll get in, are matches just somewhere over 50%?
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  • Reppintha415dimeReppintha415dime 78 replies28 threads- Junior Member
    Allright, I think I'll be applying to Oregon U also. They hve some Warsaw sports MBA thing? I'll have to look into it.
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  • flopsyflopsy 8238 replies129 threads Senior Member

    UCSB: Super Reach
    UCSC/UCR: Reach
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