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Yale chances?

carmenherecarmenhere 26 replies2 threads New Member
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My son's chances of getting into Yale?

SAT (2390)
800 R
800 M
790 W


800 Literature
800 Math 2
790 Us History


President of Student Council
Emory Book award
Boys State
Stanley Daggett Leadership award
JETS Physics team finished 1st in Connecticut..3rd Nationally
Princeton Model congress
Political Forum- Head
Journalist-School paper
personally Fund raised nearly $1000.00 for troops in Iraq.
Editor/Creator of a Political Satire school newspaper
School Tour guide
National merit Finalist
National Oratorical Contest Finalist 3 years
Work study
classroom aide-3 years
Tour guide-3 years

His high school routinely sends 20-30 students to Ivy leagues every year. Out of a class of 120.

etc etc..
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Replies to: Yale chances?

  • Nickel XenonNickel Xenon 3043 replies27 threads Senior Member
    Is that weighted or unweighted GPA? Rank? I don't really see anything that stands out.
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  • carmenherecarmenhere 26 replies2 threads New Member
    un weighted..there is NO ranking at his High school

    the 2390 is not outstanding?
    the 2390 on 3 SAT 2's not outstanding?

    now I'm worried :(
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  • ohmancollege!ohmancollege! 18 replies9 threads New Member
    From what I hear, it's not all about scores.

    Give it a shot though! - he is not an underqualified applicant. Yale and the ivies are reach schools for everyone.
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  • mtpapermtpaper 723 replies59 threads Member
    Carmenhere: getting into Yale, or any of the other highly selective schools, is not something that anyone can predict.

    Does your son qualify? Of course. You know that from his grades and scores. They are outstanding. And many other students also have outstanding grades. More students have outstanding grades than Yale can accept. Therefore, some will be accepted, and some won't be.

    Will he be accepted? You'll find out.

    This is a time to be excited and proud, not worried. You have an intelligent, capable son, embarking on a wonderful new chapter in his life.

    QUESTION Why are you worried? Has your son applied to other schools? Does he have a 'safety?'

    QUESION: How can he be a National Merit Finalist? He can be a semi-finalist, and most semi-finalists become finalists. However, finalists aren't announced until Spring 2008.
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  • Nickel XenonNickel Xenon 3043 replies27 threads Senior Member
    Scores aren't everything. Most people that apply to Yale will have scores like yours. Also, people with perfect scores get rejected from Ivies all the time and people with lower scores get in. So you might be rejected and someone with a lower score will get in. When I said nothing stood out, I meant you didn't really have a hook and if your school sends that many kids to ivies, I'd be worried about the competition.
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  • uml1958uml1958 177 replies72 threads Junior Member
    SAT scores are very good! gpa is on the low end. I think he has good chance.
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  • carmenherecarmenhere 26 replies2 threads New Member
    Thanks all. Obviously we are proud of our son.. selfishly we would like him to go to Yale since we live so close. We would actually get to see him on holidays etc. But if goes to his first choice, Georgetown, we would be MORE than happy. thanks all for your replies, and puting things in perspective :)
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  • CorruptedMoralsCorruptedMorals 68 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Scores are superb! As are everyones' who stand a chance at Yale. He doesn't really have anything that sets him apart from the rest of the pack. Ecs are average....nothing brilliant.
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  • jocanjocan 129 replies36 threads Junior Member
    If there were a way to group his ECs by category... He has a lot of political interest ECs that show a particular passion, but you have to look carefully to see that. As it reads now, it looks like a list of kind of unconnected things. If somehow connected, it wd show something about him and his focus (and that he has one).
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  • uml1958uml1958 177 replies72 threads Junior Member
    Your school's Naviance site should give you the best idea.
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  • NJlaxfan169NJlaxfan169 265 replies19 threads Junior Member
    I think he's got an excellent shot at Georgetown, so if that's his first choice, he should be happy.
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  • guitars101guitars101 2122 replies135 threads Senior Member
    How can your son already know that he is a National Merit Finalist? That info doesn't come out until February. You must mean Semi-finalist
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  • DaFunkDaFunk 306 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Assuming your son goes to Hopkins, it will likely come down to how much his Guidance Consuler will push him at Yale. If your son's consuler thinks that georgetown is his first choice then he will likely try to push someone else at yale. If he decides that his first choice has changed, have him go in and talk to his GC as soon as possible.
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  • argggarggg 80 replies13 threads Junior Member
    I Really Don't Get It! Most Of The People Of This Forum Consider Themselves Better Than God Or Are Some Stupid Inmature Kids, These Is No Other Option.
    Someone With Those Stats Will Obviously Have A Great Shot At Any University, Yale Stanford Harvard Or Any Your Son Will Apply, Be Proud Of Him, He Has Done His Best.
    No One Needs To Have Something That Defines Them To Get In, There Are Hundreds Of People Who Get In Without Being 100% Involved In One Favourite Activity.
    And I Can Assure To You That Not Everyone Who Applies To Yale Or Prionceton Has Those Grades, Not Even Half Of The Applicants. Many Apply With Ranges From 2000 To 2150, And They Have Still A Great Change. Once A Student Has Comply With A Solid Cv And Good Grades It All Comes Up To Luck And How Your Application Is Seen In "the Office".
    I Would Really Like See The Grades Of Those Who Say That There Is Nothing Outstanding With A Sat Socre Of 2390. I Bet That Very Few Of Those Who Say Something Have Those Grades. Otherwise We Will All Be Screwed Up And Never Have A Chance At Any Good University, So Please, Stop Lying
    I'm Sorry To Use This Thread To Say This But It Is Necesary, People In Really Don't Have Those Grades And Not Everybody Has Those Ec's Many May Have Excellent Profiles Not Not Eerybody Has Those Scores... Cm'on Come Down To Earth And Open You Eyes..
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  • argggarggg 80 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Corruptedmorals I Would Really Like To See You "great" Ec's Since You Say That This Gy Has Nothing Brilliant...
    Oh And Onemore Thing, Do You Know Why Nickel Xenon Insists That Grades Aren't Everything? Because She Has A Sat Score Lower Than 2100!!!!i've Seen It In Other Threads, She Is Just Yelous That You Will Get Into Yale And That B I A T C H Will Have A Lower Chance, That's Life Some People Don't Get It
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  • Ernie H.Ernie H. 1199 replies25 threads Senior Member
    I completely agree with you, arggg!
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  • CorruptedMoralsCorruptedMorals 68 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for those wonderfully eloquent posts...errr....arggg is it? Sorry, just making sure. I wouldn't want to be mistaken and call you something stupid now would I?!

    I normally wouldn't even bother responding to anyone who has to resort to CAPITALIZING every-single-word in their posts in an attempt to emphasise their passion, but, since my honour is at stake here, I'll ignore it ;)

    "****ERS"?..."****"? Wow...just wow! That and your petty and immature attempt to discredit Nickel Xenon must make you feel so proud!

    First off, whether or not my list of ECs are superior (or even match) the poster's ECs is irrelevant here. I don't see how my accomplishments (however lacking they may be!) effect my judgement. I know a good candidate when I see one. I know an excellent candidate when I see one. And I know a poor candidate when I see one. I'm merely giving my advice (which is all I can do!) to the OP. Whether or not it is valuable to the OP is up to them to decide. That is the risk you take when posting on an anonymous board.

    Secondly, I dont see how my labeling of the OP's son with average chances of gaining admittance to Yale can be considered in any way insulting. Maybe its just me, but I feel that any person with anywhere near an average chance of a Yale acceptance is a pretty darn good candidate on the broader playing field.

    I have already conceded that their son's stats are incredible. But, so are most people's stats who stand any chance of a Yale acceptance. Their son's ECs are good, but nothing brilliant. I don't see anything wrong with that statement.

    I think the problem here (probably due to poor wording on my part) is that you're talking it out of context. Good ECs for Yale are incredible ECs in general.

    So, when I say that they have an average chance of admittiance, I mean it in the nicest way possible and I hope it is not perceived by anyone else (other than...oh god it pains me even to say it!...arggg) as a dismissive insult.

    Best Regards

    Corrupted Morals
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  • al6200al6200 1513 replies66 threads Senior Member
    Are you all insane?

    That puts your son (assuming everything is accurate) in the top 480 students in the nation.


    Believe it or not, no Ivy League is flooded with people with such great statistics. In fact, even if Yale tried, they couldn't fill their entire class with people in the 2300s. There just aren't enough of them. And that's assuming they all choose to go to Yale.

    Quite frankly, given the small number of people who get 2300+, I have to question the honesty of people on CC. Is it reasonable that the top 2000 students in the nation are all clustered on CC and put into the delusion that a 2300 is unimpressive?

    Even for 2200+, there are only about 15000 students in the nation. That might seem like a lot. But obviously if you look at the number of students going into all the Ivys, it has quite serious implications.

    So if Yale has about 1000 undergraduates, and they got every top scorer in the nation (obviously a lot of high scorers aren't into Yale at all), they could choose to only admit students with 2360+. It isn't physically possible for them to fill their class without looking at students below 2360. And because there are many elite schools, I'd take a bargain that they must accept students below 2300 to fill their freshman class.

    Most students applying to Ivy Leagues don't have stats anywhere near your son's. He's still in the top 10% of all the students attending Yale.
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  • guitars101guitars101 2122 replies135 threads Senior Member

    I agree 100% with you. Is everyone dilusional about 2300 SAT's? Very few get even close to that score, and I agree they don't all happen to be here on CC. Why is everyone so rough on each other, could it be jealousy??
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  • CorruptedMoralsCorruptedMorals 68 replies1 threads Junior Member
    No one is denying his incredible stats.
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