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chance me @ ivys

smartafgkidsmartafgkid 163 replies31 threads Junior Member
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From Afghanistan
Small Public School
Class Size - 400-500
Sends 1-3 kids to ivys every year

Junior Year Classes -
H Chem
AP Bio
Alg 2
AP Physcology
Arabic 2
AP Enviormental Science
Rest are normal electives / classes

Senior Year
AP Stat
AP Human Geo
Arabic 3
AP Chem
AP Physcis
AP English
umm other aps and what not

Track - Sophmore, Junior, and Senior Year Possible Sprinting Captian
Manager @ Resturant
Yale CRISP Engineering Program
Debate Club
Captain of Olympiad Team (Science)
Arabic Club
Sci-Fi Club

Possible internship with Sikorski

Applying to Cornell internship, harvard spp (2008), nasa internship, and what not. I am going to apply to a lot others to.

My predicted ACT - 32-33
SAT = 2150

First Generation College Student
From Afghanistan

Interesting Stuff:
ummm father used to be a secretary of embessy (if that counts?)
harvard rep suggested me to apply (meet with 2 of them) and said that my application would be really interesting.

Colleges I am looking at:
Harvard (First Choice)
George Washington U
Connecticut College

any other colleges you guys would suggest? and anything else I should improve on?

oh and I am going to try to be a recurited runner

thank you!!!
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Replies to: chance me @ ivys

  • ComplicationsComplications 45 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Ignore what Harvard guy said. They always are looking to up # of applications. What are your grades??
    What do you want to study? What type of atmosphere. If you are just looking to get into a name school, these are name schools.

    I would consider leaving the northeast and checking out schools in the midwest and west as well. You would be an even more interesting candidate the farther you get away from the east coast!

    Good luck You sound like a great kid
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  • smartafgkidsmartafgkid 163 replies31 threads Junior Member
    well my gpa is around a uw 3.6 w= ??, I want to study either Aerospace Engineering or Biomedical Engineering. I like the atmosphere to be city like, a good size campus but not to big.

    thank you for the comment, and post!
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  • smartafgkidsmartafgkid 163 replies31 threads Junior Member
    Any other comments or chances I could get?
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