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Chance a sophomore!

HSisOverratedHSisOverrated Registered User Posts: 392 Member
edited December 2007 in What Are My Chances?
posted a thread in another board but no helpful responses:


I'm a high school sophomore currently heated up over the exhaustion that is college admissions.

A little about me:

3.83 GPA
ASB member
Financially unfortunate

My charter offers zero AP courses and only two honors classes, both of which I am taking. They just started honors this year, and supposedly next year they'll have history and English AP. My school operates under a policy of closed-forum, meaning no school or student sponsored clubs are allowed, although students can form clubs outside of school. My grade has ~90 kids, most of whom are ex-homeschoolers (including myself), and little academic break is between students, meaning virtually all students rank above average or average. In other words, ranking in the top 10% is kind of hard since my competition has little or no lackies. This isn't a normal p.s with ~500 kids and ~250 of them are academically below average.

Also, my school is very limited in resources since emphasis is put on one-on-one attention and use of personal computers (issued to every student). Also also, this is only the second year my school been existence, and I've been there for both.

I'm getting involved in some film-related activities, namely the San Diego Jewish film festival, hopefully the 2006 SD film festival, Boys and Girls Club, and various school-sponsored activities that colleges usually don't care about.

Other facts:

I've won some local awards for my writing, yes yes I write well...I'm just not into [email protected] discussions so my vocab and sentence fluency will remain limited, try not get offended. : D

My family and relatives are academic wh0res. Here is a short list of schools family members of attended or attending:

Yale - cousin
Brown - other cousin
Northwestern - Uncle #1
UPenn - Uncle # 2
Swarthmore - Uncle #3, now a professor at NW
Father - Carnegie Mellon, UChicago, UC Irvine, waitlisted UPenn (like that matters).

Other specs:

My immediate family is financially unfortunate. Father makes 100k a year, but little is spared for my mom or siblings, outside family members are also pretty wealthy but have no intention of assisting.

I'm Jewish.

How far does legacy play out in the schools I want to go to?

Do I have a chance?


Are important are community services hours to colleges? I'm sick and tired of tracking every stupid minute I'm within proximity of a no-purpose activity. Should I just say I [insert task here] for [insert date(s) here] as a [insert role here, volunteer, promoter, tutor, blah blah blah].

I know colleges want to see leadership roles. I'm in "leadership" (associative student body) and plan on being President, Vice-President, of student body or junior class next year....

I rank in the top 20% for now

My classes:

Fresh: History, Bio, Algebra (dropped), English, Sp1 (dropped), and P.E.

Sophomore: History/H, Algebra, English/H, Sp1, Environmental Science, Leadership, P.E.

I missed over 75% of primary school, which has translated in lacking math abilities. Will colleges understand? I'm really good at English, and do pretty well in virtually everything else.

Also - E.S is being taken at keystone since the only science course offered at HS is Physics, which sucked. I didn't take a FL last year either.

Please understand high school was a total shock for me. I didn't attend school out of social and mental instability during my youth. When high school kicked in, I realized finally how much grades matter...

I was never hand-held while at elementary or middle school, so consider that...

FILM is my intended major, so naturally schools that interest me have decent film programs.

MY SCHOOLS: I want to stay in California, but if I really have to go I'll go out of state..

*Brown (eh, could happen - cousin is currently enrolled)
*UCB (just for kicks)

ALSO ALSO ALSO, I'm not sure how much this matters...but my school's API score is 850+, while the district average is around 760.

I'm not quite sure how far this plays out though...!!

I had to see my therapist today cause I was having mental breakdown over this, so try not to criticize too much. : )

Again, please excuse mechanical errors - I'm really apathetic to the writing portion of stuff like this. Understand, I am a good writer....

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Replies to: Chance a sophomore!

  • tickytock14tickytock14 Registered User Posts: 617 Member
    first of all, cousin + uncle + whatever does not matter and will not help you in any way.

    second of all, 100K/year is not at all financially unfortunate. that's kind of offensive.

    third of all, it will be really hard to determine your chances until you have some type of standardized test scores.

    my advice: you're still a sophomore, so you can still fix what you obviously perceive to be your weaknesses. Bad at math? Go to the library, ask teachers or friends for help, do lots of extra problems. No good classes at your school? Try self-studying for an AP. A lot of people do.

    I would recommend narrowing down your list somehow; those schools seem random. Think of the characteristics you like and research to find schools that will fit your needs.

    I think, with effort, you could have lots of school options. Good luck!
  • HSisOverratedHSisOverrated Registered User Posts: 392 Member
    Well, my father works for the government and makes ~80k take home, but we've been basically receiving welfare.

    My mother, brother, and I are living off a fraction of what my father makes. In fact, our energy is going to cut off next week and our landlines are dead.

    Or do colleges only consider impoverished white trash? XD

    All mentioned schools offer good film programs, which is my aim. AP self-study is not an option as of now. Family situation is rather booked, and I cannot even afford the PSAT (I had to basically beg my father for $45).

    Father attended UCI, UChicago, and Carnegie Mellon...

    Any other suggestions that I can actually complete? Will colleges sympathize with my financially lacking school (2nd year, as mentioned)?

    I took some AP pretests and aced them all without even opening a textbook, but to do the entire course by myself is a reach for me. School will be offering some AP courses next year, what about that??

    Also, honors program is pretty selective - must have 89% to get in. Only ~20 students are active.

    I'm also volunteering for the SDJ film festival, L.A Spirit Awards, Asian Film Festival (maybe), and searching for other film-related crap.

  • dontchadontcha Registered User Posts: 639 Member
    I'm a high school sophomore currently heated up over the exhaustion that is college admissions.

    sophomore. joke. right?
  • HSisOverratedHSisOverrated Registered User Posts: 392 Member
    Yes I'm a comedian.

    Let's try to be productive here, mmk?
  • sak09sak09 Registered User Posts: 1,151 Senior Member
    I've got to say tickytock14 is correct with pretty must everything he/she said. They only consider it a legacy when your immediate family/grandparents have attended the university...cousin, uncle or whatever won't even matter.

    And it is a bit too early to chance you. You have just started your sophomore year...and you haven't even taken any of the standardized tests. A LOT can change between sophomore to senior year, so I would wait a while until asking about chances. All I can say is to keep trying your best and don't slack off.
  • HSisOverratedHSisOverrated Registered User Posts: 392 Member
    Yes but from the information I listed, what are my chances?
  • dontchadontcha Registered User Posts: 639 Member
    How The Hell Are We Supposed To Know

    Stay Off Of This Site Until At Least June
  • CEH89CEH89 Registered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    Get a part time job.
    1. you can now pay for SATs etc.
    2. gain some work experience.

    It's nearly impossible to tell your chances without any test scores. Your GPA could go drastically downhill between now and start of senior year. Between now and then, do well in your classes. Perhaps found one of those clubs to involve yourself in, part-time job, etc.

    There are a ton of factors that go into college admissions. As a soph you just don't have them yet so there's no way anyone can chance you. And any chances/predictions made now are complete BS.
  • Azn_HelljumperAzn_Helljumper Registered User Posts: 214 Junior Member
    first of all...take the SAT...second of all, many of your supposed "legacies" are not legacies (i.e. cousins, uncles). wait till you get more stats then come on to cc
  • pinkiwipinkiwi Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    Quite honestly, there is no need for you to be freaking out about college yet. The only thing you should be worried about is the PSAT next year, which you have plenty of time to prepare for ...

    Keep up the GPA, take the most challenging classes your high school offers, and calm down. Everything is looking good so far. :)
  • kevin63138kevin63138 Registered User Posts: 545 Member
    Well, it's good that you're starting thinking about college early so you know what is expected, HOWEVER, don't stress! Just keep your grades up and don't slack...Prepare for the SATs (or ACT) and good luck!
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