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Colleges that accept sub 3.0 GPAs?

dpc1192dpc1192 Registered User Posts: 746 Member
edited October 2008 in What Are My Chances?
So I'm in my Junior year of HS right now, and I'm really having a hard time.

I go to a gifted school (6th in nation), and I know I'm smart it's just the course load and the grading is so hard.

Freshman Year I really screwed up and had around a 2.6 uw, last year a 3.33, and this year looks to probably be a 3.33 again or maybe even a 3.16 uw.

The only thing that might help me is that at my school every single one of my classes is either an AP or honors so my weighted GPA is like a 3.6, but I don't even think most colleges see that.

With only taking academic classes into my GPA that would leave me with around a 2.8-3.0 depending on this year.

It's very depressing and frustrating because I know I'm smart, and I feel like I have such high expectations because I go to this good school and I'm really not living up to them......

So could you guys maybe help me! Hopefully something you guys say can cheer me up haha
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Replies to: Colleges that accept sub 3.0 GPAs?

  • goot31goot31 Registered User Posts: 131 Junior Member
    Admissions will typically "recalculate" your GPA to get it to some form of a weighted GPA, so don't worry about them not taking notice of your Honors and APs. Also, your guidance counselor should make note on just how tough the school is when it comes time for recommendations.

    In your situation, class rank will probably be extremely important. This will show if your school really is "that" hard or if you are just underperforming compared to everyone else. Any idea what your rank is?
  • dpc1192dpc1192 Registered User Posts: 746 Member
    Our school doesn't release class rank because it is so competitive and everyone is very smart so they are misleading.
  • twokidsatvutwokidsatvu Registered User Posts: 225 Junior Member
    Try and focus on the learning instead of the grades. All colleges DO recalculate the GPA, so try and relax.
  • CalcruzerCalcruzer Registered User Posts: 4,832 Senior Member
    Plus there are a ton of schools that don't even consider freshman year grades at all.

    At the upper level, this includes Princeton, Stanford, and the University of California campuses, and at the mid-level to upper-level this includes almost every major public school south or west of Saint Louis. (Florida and Texas are the exceptions).

    Also, a lot of schools will give you a chance because of your increasing GPA trend.

    As a result, you should be asking: "What are some schools that are looking for about a 3.6 W GPA in the sophomore and junior years with a rising GPA trend?"

    Some responses might be:
    Safe Matches: West Virginia, Drexel, Temple, James Madison, Kentucky, Oregon
    Matches: Indiana, Auburn, Alabama, Utah, Tennessee, UC Santa Cruz
    Slight Reaches: Penn State, Ohio State

    plus a whole lot of others
  • TUOwls2011TUOwls2011 - Posts: 728 Member
    Unless you have good SATs, a sub 3.0 won't get you into Temple anymore. Won't get you into Indiana either.
  • chaoswithinthedchaoswithinthed Registered User Posts: 350 Member
    Don't worry about it. You don't have to go to an Elite school to be successful, it seems to be the case today. Look into state schools depending on where you're coming from. Texas Tech is a good school that I'm looking into and it would proababy accept someone with a lower GPA.

  • dpc1192dpc1192 Registered User Posts: 746 Member
    UC Santa Cruz and Oregon both interest me.

    I'll probably get into Poli Science, Advertisement, or Buisness.

    Pretty broad but I'm not worrying about it too much
  • dpc1192dpc1192 Registered User Posts: 746 Member
    More interested in a private school with around 5k students than a huge state school, but I'm willing to check out both types of schools.
  • dpc1192dpc1192 Registered User Posts: 746 Member
    any suggestions!
  • CalcruzerCalcruzer Registered User Posts: 4,832 Senior Member
    Why not tell us where you live so we can focus on some schools that are closer (location-wise) to you--or does location not matter?

    Also, chaoswithinthed is correct to a point--in that you don't "have" to be at an elite school to do well. For example, here in California, 340,000 California students attend Cal States and only 190,000 California students attend the UCs, and then there are schools like USC with 15,000 students and Stanford and Caltech with a few--but overall, a lot more college students attend the lesser know schools than the well-known ones.

    Still, I think in terms of getting that first job--there is something to be said for having attended an "elite" school.
  • dpc1192dpc1192 Registered User Posts: 746 Member
    I live in FL, but will probably going out of state...

    I like to surf so I'm thinking I may not really want to be landlocked at college!

    Also, I want frats/sororities and a really fun social life at the college I attend.
  • srk2009srk2009 Registered User Posts: 98 Junior Member
    Dpc, Drexel has a really good social atmosphere and isn't absolutely massive. I don't think you can really surf though. ;)

    My best friend had stats similar to yours. We went to a pretty competitive public school (top 5 in the state for MCAS scores every year) and he had a 3.07 UW, took a lot of APs and Honors, and had a rising trend (2.7 UW in freshman year, 3.1 UW sophomore year, 3.4 UW junior year - not sure what his senior year GPA was but I think it was similar to JR year) and he was looking for smallish schools. His SATs were solid: I think his cumulative was 1800; M+CR was 1240.

    He got accepted to:

    York College of PA
    Mercyhurst College
    American University (this is a fairly big school, though - and SUPER expensive)
    Salve Regina University (RIGHT on the ocean, most beautiful campus I've ever seen)
    Ohio University

    I have to agree with everyone here. The name of your school doesn't matter as much as your employment history as well as the relevant experience you do or do not have - so when choosing a school, make sure they offer help in finding internships in your major.
  • dpc1192dpc1192 Registered User Posts: 746 Member
    well another thing is, i don't mean to sound arrogant, but generally people like me and I can tend to get myself into good situations.

    As of first quarter have a 3.5uw (with an A in an AP!) for junior year, but it may end up being a 3.3 by the end of the year.

    So if I end up with a 2.8uw fresh, 3.33 sopho, and 3.5 (possibly 3.33) junior year, and 4-5 APs throughout highschool with a good essay, great recs, community service, varsity lacrosse, and other various ECs where could I end up?

    I'm getting much happier and not as stressed about this situation, and am proud of my improvement from freshman year!

    Also, if I didn't say already, I'm looking for a private school with a beautiful campus, pretty woman, good academics, and a great social life. My sister went to SMU and I loved everything about it except the fact that it's super conservative.

    Thanks Again
  • dpc1192dpc1192 Registered User Posts: 746 Member

  • pedsoxpedsox Registered User Posts: 598 Member
    Hindsight is 20/20, but you should have ditched the "gifted" school years ago in favor of going to a regular high school. Perhaps you would have done better as far as your GPA goes. Adcoms see this ALL THE TIME. You situaion is unfortunately, nothing unusual.

    Let's face it, college is harder than high school. Your high school GPA will help dictate the colleges you should apply to. An AP is an AP is an AP............you get my drift? Your GPA is going to hurt you for any of the top schools. Your options are to go to a school based on your GPA, do a good job and then transfer.

    Were your parents asleep at the wheel when you were making low grades while in the "gifted school". Why didn't anyone see that you were having a hard time cutting it?

    You'll be fine. Everyone is gifted, by the way. Everyone.

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