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What are my chances for Dartmouth and Brown

BoyanBoyan 106 replies23 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
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Hello. I'm an international student (from Bulgaria) who is aiming for some of the business programs in Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, Upenn. Here is the info about me:

SAT I: 2090 (my first attempt) (CR:630;M:770;WR:690)

SAT II: I'm taking Math I,II and probably WH/physics in Oct. I will probably have 2x800 on the maths and i don't know how on the science SAT

TOEFL: I'm taking it in Sept

Awards: I have about 60 awards from mathematical competitions but they are from local competitions. The most important award is a 2nd place in a international mathematical festival in Kiev.
I have written 2 mathematical projects and one of them is with a special award from Ministry of Education.

GPA: 3.95 (I don't know exactly - 5.80 out of 6.00 in Bulgaria - we have 12 classes)

Other activities:
- One of the projects I mentioned above is economic.
- Part of a debate club.
- Part of a library club.
- Part of a mathematical club.
- Teaching mathematics to the mathematical team of my city and some younger students
- Play piano.
- A participation in a project of EU.

Sport: Football

- work as an agent who sells innovative houses
- voluntary work in a hospital for 200h
- voluntary work in a library

I will try to get into Dartmouth/Brown on EA. I need a full-aid scholarship. For the RA I hope I will get a higher score on my SAT. What do you think about my chances for the EA?
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Replies to: What are my chances for Dartmouth and Brown

  • schmohawkschmohawk 1131 replies10 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,141 Senior Member
    A little advice- the schools who ask for 3 SAT IIs generally don't want to see Math 1 and Math 2.
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  • miss_murd3rmiss_murd3r 764 replies40 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 804 Member
    I agree with Schmohawk, it wouldn't make sense for you to take both...

    Math II looks better.

    Are you sure you don't want to pursue math? For business - why not NYU Stern?

    I think you have amazing stats though, nonetheless.

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  • BoyanBoyan 106 replies23 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
    is it a need-blind for internationals. I should look carefully which one to chose for my EA. Thanks for the comments. I'm sure I can get 2150 on SAT I but I cannot do it for EA. Is NYU Stern good and distinguished? I haven't searched anything for NYU but with my score I have to look for some college like Boston College, NYU for EA.

    About the math I have decided to study Mathematics and Business Studies because there are such programs in Europe (Edinburgh, Warwick) but in the USA I could choose one of them. Actually the only reason to study Math is to be really good in the post-graduate and to understand properly all the things we are going to study. Anyway I do think that my math is a plus for a business programs though :)

    PS I do not really know but what would the college think if I write that i work out (go to fitness). It's a good activity but don't know whether they would like it.
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  • teamamteamam 446 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 447 Member
    Brown/Dartmouth have EA? I always thought they had ED...
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  • BoyanBoyan 106 replies23 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
    what is the difference between EA and ED?
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  • BoyanBoyan 106 replies23 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
    When does the result from the EA come out?
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  • miss_murd3rmiss_murd3r 764 replies40 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 804 Member
    ED is where you can only apply to one school. You'd get the results in December, I believe. Basically...if you get accepted, you must enroll to that particular school.

    EA is a system of admissions that some schools offer. You can apply Early Action to plenty of schools and it might increase your chances of acceptance a little (as would ED).

    The differences are:

    ED is binding. You can only apply to one school.
    EA is not binding. You can apply EA to multiple schools and you get the results earlier than if you were to apply as a regular admit.

    NYU Stern is quite the distinguished business school. It's prime focus is only business. So, if you're sure business is what you want to do, NYU Stern is a school solely for business.

    Bentley is also a business school you might want to consider.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
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  • westhamunited32westhamunited32 596 replies60 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 656 Member
    I would say just take math II. And i dont think that Cornell even has an undergrad business program. Something most people dont know is that undergrad business programs really are kinda pointless. You can major in math/economics and be more prepared for business than a business major. That being said i think you obviously have a passion for both of those, so the schools i would suggest is University of Chicago. I think stats wise youve got a good shot if you bring up the SAT and write great essays. I think your stats make the schools you listed just a tad reachy for an international, but apply for sure! Another school with a great math department is NYU and youll most likely be accepted there
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  • jennieblue22jennieblue22 376 replies32 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 408 Member
    I agree with everyone who advised you to take SAT Math II only and not SAT Math I also.
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  • Soccergirl11Soccergirl11 70 replies8 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 78 Junior Member
    we have pretty close stats..
    good luck.
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  • BoyanBoyan 106 replies23 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
    Thank you guys. What is the deadline of the EA? I will definitely make a research for NYU, Univ Of Chicago. Based on the fact that NYU has a great math department I think it could be a great option for me. I don't know whether it is need-based for internationals but I could check it out. Thanks again. I will be grateful if someone else says his/her point of view.
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  • homflysmithhomflysmith 78 replies4 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    Boyan if you are interested in extremely good math schools you should consider: Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Chicago, Yale, CalTech (those may be reaches/high matches for you since you are an international student). You should also consider: New York University, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, University of California-Los Angeles, Cornell, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Texas-Austin, Penn State, University of Maryland-College Park. Some of those may be high matches/matches for you. All the schools I listed have a common denominator- excellent math programs. In Fact, all the schools I listed above have a higher ranked mathematics department than Dartmouth according to US News. Just because a school is an Ivy, it doesn't mean it has the best department in the nation in what you are considering. You have a very impressive background but to be honest Europeans are known to have a stonger mathematics education program than Americans (not necessarily true for graduate education). Best of luck my fellow math bud.
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  • BoyanBoyan 106 replies23 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
    thanks that's what i needed. I will check these colleges out and ask for some of them if needed. I am sure that in Europe the math education is much stronger than in the USA. For example we have studied most of the things for the SAT until 6th grade :) The difference in the math education is in the graduate education. For example I am sure that I have studied a lot more than the Americans so far (I have 12 classes or more every year and I cannot choose nothing but my second language.
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  • bublesbubles 27 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 29 New Member
  • hmom5hmom5 10799 replies83 discussions- Posts: 10,882 Senior Member
    Dartmouth is need blind for internationals and Brown is not.

    Neither school has an undergrad business program. Though studying business is not necessary to work in business.

    your scores are low for both schools but if they like you as an applicant they may give you a break on the CR as an international.
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