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Chances Penn ED- among others - will chance back!

rdf1nrdf1n 39 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 42 Junior Member
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So I've decided I'm definitely going to apply to Penn ED (CAS). I love it if I could get my chances for Penn and some other schools. Btw I'm legacy at penn...

Okay college list:
UPenn ED
UC Berkeley
UMich- Ann Arbor

Residence: Maryland
Citzenship: US and Great Britain
SAT I: Cr-800 M-730 W-800 C-2330
SAT II: US history-760; planning to take Math II and French in October
GPA: 3.8 unweighted
I went to an extremely competitive private high school in Washington DC freshman and sophomore year that I hated. I got a 3.52 freshman year (very worrying) and 3.85 sophomore year. I transferred to the local public school into the IB Program for junior year (top 50 newsweek school) and got a 4.00 unweighted 5.00 (one of maybe 5 students to achieve this in IB).
I had a good relationship with the head of the private school I went to and she'd probably write a letter explaining the situation/recommending me
Rank: school doesn't rank but unweighted I'm in the top 10%
Schedule: Most rigorous. I took the hardest classes offered while at the private school (no APs allowed for underclassmen tho) and junior/senior years i'm in full IB.
I self-studied APUS this year and got a 5

Senior Schedule:
IB Eng
AP BC Calc
IB Hist
IB French 7 (highest French course offered)
IB Theory of Knowledge (it's an IB requirement)
IB Psych
AP Gov
AP Bio (outside of school, online, got department permission to skip regular/honors bio)

*Figure Skating: Figure skated competitively from age 8 until age 16. Took lessons twice a week and practiced 3-5 other days per week. Participated in the Pre-Olympic Training Program at Lake Placid, New York for four summers beginning with the summer before 6th grade.
Tested and passed up through USFSA Pre-Juvenile level.
Passed up through and competed locally at the ISI Freestyle Level 7.
Bronze Medalist at the 2003 District IV Championship.
Spent summers '06, '05, '04 and '03 training at the Lake Placid Olympic Center under the coaching of 1963 US National Champion Thomas Litz and US Figure Skating Gold Medalist Tammy Lalande.
Took ballet classes once a week to improve skating
*after quitting figure skating last summer I tried a number of different sports:
- 2008-2009 Varsity Indoor Track
- 2009 Varsity Outdoor Track and Field
- now I play tennis and take lessons 2-3 a week. I'll probably be on the school team in the fall
*Staff Contributor and Member of Editorial Board for school Literary Magazine (9-10)
*Environmental Awareness Club member (9-10)
*It's Academic member (11)
*worked on the Obama Campaign fall 2008. volunteered 2-3 afternoons a week at the field office in my area for 2 months. also went door-to-door in nj twice.
*spent a lot of time at my local temple. Religious/Hebrew classes twice a week from ages 10 to 16. went on temple-sponsored trip to Israel and Jordan last summer.

* before 10th grade: High School Intern at WJLA ABC 7 under medical reporter Kathy Fowler
*before 11th: volunteered at St. Albans Early Child Care Center - 150ish hours
*this summer: received an award from NIH based on grant proposal to work at the Pacific Institute of Research and Evaluation. study concerns teen driving and the increase in the female crash rate with the institution of the graduated licensing laws. I actually ended up writing a paper (of which I'm the first author). I've submitted it to the Transportation Research Board for publication. My boss says 50/50 chance it gets in but at least I can put down on my app that I submitted it haha

Principle's Honor Roll 11th grade
Top 5 in the National French Contest both 9th and 10th grades
Assuming National Merit Semifinalist (got a 231)

Thanks for the chances in advance
I'll chance back : )
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Replies to: Chances Penn ED- among others - will chance back!

  • LollerpantsLollerpants 422 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 423 Member
    You have solid scores and ECs. GPA a bit low but still high enough. But as usual, Ivy schools are all reach, but at least you're not applying Wharton so your chances can't be that bad.
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  • welles10welles10 820 replies11 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 831 Member
    UPenn ED w/ legacy - reach (as everyone is) but you probably have a really good chance
    Yale - reach
    Brown - low reach
    Oxford - don't know how British admissions works
    Stanford - reach
    UC Berkeley - high match (OOS)
    UChicago - match
    Northwestern - match
    NYU - match
    McGill - don't know how Canada's admissions works
    UMich- Ann Arbor - high match (OOS)

    good luck with everything. you have a great shot at all these schools as all the ivys are technically reaches for everyone.
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  • hmom5hmom5 10799 replies83 discussions- Posts: 10,882 Senior Member
    Excellent shot as an ED legacy.
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  • elevenoclockelevenoclock 56 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    UPenn ED - good shot because not wharton, still a reach though
    Yale - reach
    Brown - reach/low reach
    Oxford - no clue
    Stanford - reach
    UC Berkeley - ?
    UChicago - ?
    Northwestern - reach/low reach
    NYU - high match/match
    UMich- Ann Arbor

    Too bad for the freshman GPA, but many schools see the same problem with many applicants, so I wouldn't be overly worried. Great SAT!

    Chance back?
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  • rdf1nrdf1n 39 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 42 Junior Member
    bump 10char
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  • teamamteamam 446 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 447 Member
    apply to UMich as early as possible. Try to submit your app by mid-October at the latest in order to get a response through the early response system. You can apply ED to Penn and still apply early response to UMich without any issues.
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  • rdf1nrdf1n 39 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 42 Junior Member
    is that possible even if you dont live in michigan?

    thanks for the chances!
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  • noreallynoreally 489 replies38 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 527 Member
    Outstanding SAT+good GPA+Penn legacy= very good chance for admission :)
    Emm, Yale, Brown, Oxford, and Stanford are reaches, though I think you have a good shot at Brown based on your ECs. The rest should be matches and safeties. If I may ask, why did you quit skating if you were that good?
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  • rdf1nrdf1n 39 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 42 Junior Member
    thanks noreally! i chanced back
    its kinda complicated but i quit because I'd been skating for so long it started to feel like a chore as opposed to something i enjoyed. also girls who had been my equals in middle school and lower were doing half days/homeschooled and skating multiple times a day and i wasnt willing to do that. as a result i couldnt really compete seriously after i was about 13 or 14
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  • rdf1nrdf1n 39 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 42 Junior Member
    but i know thats kind of a problem with my app. im still considering writing my activity short answer on the common app about skating just because it was such a huge time commitment and a big part of my life. good idea or no? im kinda iffy about it cuz i quit but i guess i could explain why i quit in the essay?
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  • bdl108bdl108 433 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 436 Member
    I think you stand an excellent chance at Penn.
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  • pennboy25pennboy25 122 replies11 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 133 Junior Member
    I also agree that you have an EXCELLENT chance with legacy, your test scores, and top 10%. Be SURE to apply Early Decision and I'll bet your in!
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  • rdf1nrdf1n 39 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 42 Junior Member
    btw thanks hmom5 as you can see i took your earlier advice

    thanks for the chances! can people chance me for the other school I've listed as well? just in case i dont get into penn ed
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  • rdf1nrdf1n 39 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 42 Junior Member
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  • bamboozlebamboozle 131 replies15 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 146 Junior Member
    Yeah I think you're in at Penn with the legacy!
    Also I think you're likely to get into NYU/Northwestern with stats like those, best of luck!

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