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From Berkeley to Barnard: Chance a Bicoastal Senior

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Possible Majors or Minors: English, Women's Studies / Queer Studies, History

- Female
- Caucasian
- CA

- GPA: 3.92 W, 3.8 UW
- Rank: 56/239 (ugh)
- SAT I (taken Jan, to be retaken Oct.): 600 M, 740 R, 690 W
- ACT: 31 composite (35 reading, 33 combined English, 27 math, 28 science)
- SAT II's: 710 Lit, 730 U.S. History
- APS: 5 on APUSH, 4 on APLang

- Charter school for the arts (I study creative writing)
- Audition required, students must maintain >2.5 GPA
- Along with normal classes, students undertake an additional twelve hours per week of art classes

- 60 hours of teaching art to fourth graders in my school's (underprivileged) community
- Contributing editor on our school's literary journal (consistently recognized as CA's best high school literary journal) senior year
- Founding a Go Vegan / Go Vegetarian club senior year
- Short story published in a small literary journal
- Article published on a (news-making) teen feminist blog
- 180 hours of acting / improv involvement at a local theater (30 hours / year since 7th grade)

- 2006: Elective summer school (Latin culture and Latin mythology)
- 2008: Part-time job doing paper work at a real estate office, CSLC LeadAmerica Ambassadors Abroad Europe Grande Tour
- 2009: Barnard Pre-College (4 weeks liberal arts program)

Senior Year Classes:
- AP Literature
- AP Spanish
- AP Art History
- AP Economics / (non-AP) Government
- Physics
- Zoology

College List:
- Brown
- Barnard
- Columbia
- Fordham
- Northeastern
- Pratt Institute (for creative writing)
- UC Berkeley
- UC Santa Cruz

Thanks for trudging through all this. If you know any other colleges you think I should check out, then I'd appreciate if you posted them here as well. :)
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Replies to: From Berkeley to Barnard: Chance a Bicoastal Senior

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    Is this CC's hint that I'm not getting into college? C'mon y'allz.
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  • hmom5hmom5 - 10799 replies83 threads Senior Member
    Have you looked at common data sets?
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    Yeah, I fit into / surpass ACT ranges and meet / surpass GPA recommendations for all of my schools. But I'm looking for things that data alone can't determine - like the quality of my ECs, or the importance that going to an arts school will play in my application.
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  • welles10welles10 820 replies11 threads Member
    Yeah, you have a good shot at most of these schools. Not really sure about your ranking, but I guess every hs is different.. I think going to an arts school will give you a more of a unique edge in admissions -- not sure if it will entirely help you or not, but it will definitely make your app look less cookie-cutter.

    - Brown - reach
    - Barnard - match
    - Columbia - reach
    - Fordham - match
    - NYU - match
    - Northeastern - match
    - Pratt Institute (for creative writing) - match
    - UC Berkeley - match
    - UC Santa Cruz - safety

    Depending on where else you want to go, you could definitely look at more UCs (especially since it's really only an additional checked box on the app).. possibly BU/BC if you're looking more in the Boston area. You definitely have NYC covered already though... perhaps Vassar? You definitely have some great schools already though. Good luck!
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