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How can everyone do so much?

Gorbachev_SezGorbachev_Sez Registered User Posts: 560 Member
edited September 2005 in What Are My Chances?
Here's a question for all the uber-active people here. You know who you are. You are capable of doing 18,000 things at once. My question is: how?
I have so much homework this year that I can barely finish it, let alone participate in a zillion other things. I have a job, and am involved in a few EC's, but I'm nothing spectacular. I mean.....jeez! How do you fit it all in? Do you stop to sleep, eat, or relax? Sometimes I just have to flop down and watch TV or something.....
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Replies to: How can everyone do so much?

  • namastenamaste Registered User Posts: 3,027 Senior Member
    arent you one of the uber-active people with a 2400 SAT and perfect GPA who wants to go to yale if i recall your previous posts...

    eating always must be done while doing work, of course.
    sleep is affected.
    relax? have a drink.
  • eckoecko Registered User Posts: 213 Junior Member
    there is no doubt the people doing well in their high school career uses caffeine :)
  • theoneotheoneo Registered User Posts: 6,934 Senior Member
    Some people can function well on little sleep (4 hours/day), whereas others need the standard 8+ hours.

    Some people get much less homework - or don't have to do it. I can easily BS the little work I get in most classes because I still get the concepts, so I can do well on tests. And my grades are usually almost all tests
  • koala717koala717 Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    sleep? wait, that word sounds vaguely familiar... let me go look it up in the dictionary...

    Television is definitely a summer-only activity. I hibernate in my room watching hour after hour of South Park and X-Files, emerging only to eat or go on a run. Then suddenly September hits, and it's back to the books and the activity-overload. But in some twisted way, i love being so busy. It gives me a chance to focus on something other than school.
  • Gorbachev_SezGorbachev_Sez Registered User Posts: 560 Member
    namaste: I do want to go to Yale, but my EC's "suck" compared to everyone else's I guess.

    Also, I don't do the whole caffeine thing. I think I'm the only person on earth who doesn't drink coffee, tea, or soda. Maybe I should start.
  • theoneotheoneo Registered User Posts: 6,934 Senior Member
    Ew I hate coffee, tea, AND soda. I survive on fruit juices :P.
  • Gorbachev_SezGorbachev_Sez Registered User Posts: 560 Member
    Right on....
  • somebodynewsomebodynew Registered User Posts: 2,895 Senior Member
    Know how you feel...I think a lot of people on this forum are just so focused on getting themselves into college that they can turn off the voice in their that says, "You know what? I could use a break."

    I take 5 APs, run cross country and track all year, and I'm an occasional member of a bunch of clubs. Naturally, I thought I was in good shape - then I came here, and my ECs apparently suck as well.

    The trick with homework is to manage your time. Do some during your lunch period (either to get it done early or because you put it off), do some before/after school (on the way if you don't drive), during homeroom...during other classes if you can get away with it.

    Even with my schedule, I can still watch a good hour or two of TV a night, take a nap before dinner, and satisfy my addiction to AIM. Multitask - do homework during commercial breaks or something.

    I don't drink coffee. I drink tea and soda for the taste, not the caffiene. I'll have a bottle of Bawls if I'm desperate to stay awake, but that's about it.

    Relax. And while you're taking it easy, think of the kid who's so focused on college that he/she doesn't have a lunch period because he/she's taking 8 APs or so, never watches TV because he/she spends 4+ hours on homework and studying...and smile.
  • aquasocksaquasocks Registered User Posts: 104 Junior Member

    well, if you're driven/take the train to school, do hw then. do hw during lunch, get to school half an hour early for solid hw time, do hw inbetween clubs/sports (c'mon, there's always downtime, bring your book for english and read on the bus on the way to meets and stuff). get together with friends on weekends and have study sessions- kills 2 birds with 1 stone. do hw during class if you already understand the concept. or, you can just be a normal kid and do as much hw as you can, but have fun all the same. you don't have to have awesome grades and ECs to go to a good school. find a passion, etc etc. doing a million sports/clubs isn't going to impress adcoms as much as doing 2 or 3 things solidly for 4 years. do extra currics your friends do too so you have time to hang with them in school as well as out. people worry too much about being perfect in high school that they forget to have fun. having a C on your transcript (or even Bs for you crazy people) isn't going to ruin your chances at a good school. do stuff you like, not cause it looks good on your app.
  • Gorbachev_SezGorbachev_Sez Registered User Posts: 560 Member
    I know I know. It's just that I have 23 minutes for lunch and my school starts at 7:30, which means I'm awake by 6. Aggggh.....I really should be doing my English paper (on the book of Job....joy of joys) so this is my last post for tonight.

    Thanks though.
  • theoneotheoneo Registered User Posts: 6,934 Senior Member
    Develop some self control. I've been telling myself to get off this site and read one of my books (I have a ton of work due next week and haven't started any of it). I keep telling myself this is my last round around the boards... lol. It isn't working.

    Anyway, the trick is to pursue things you love doing. Classes are pretty constrained, but do clubs that you love doing. I love doing debate and tutoring and all, so I actually have fun while doing them. A year and a half ago, I'd rather have been studying for bio than sleeping, so I ended up aceing the class, SAT II, and AP (in an honors course, too).

    Another thing: find friends who care about school too. That way they won't distract you if you're doing work - and can even help you out.
  • cool2barscool2bars Registered User Posts: 503 Member
  • dooitdooit - Posts: 1,470 Senior Member
    If you find some ECs that you truly enjoy and are not doing it just for college, then it will be a chance to relax and blow off some steam :)
  • Gorbachev_SezGorbachev_Sez Registered User Posts: 560 Member
    I enjoy all of my EC's. It's just that with EC's and work I don't get home until pretty late and then I usually have chores and THEN I can do my homework. And ugh. I spend too much time at this board.
  • Doogie311Doogie311 Registered User Posts: 1,723 Senior Member
    well...i do it by not taking a study hall/lunch in school

    anndd i accept the fact that i will have to work on 4 hours of sleep.

    I only get sundays off throughout the year, which eh sux, but im happy.
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