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Interview experience....

anthophorosanthophoros 22 replies6 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 28 New Member
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I had an interview for Whitman College today....and I cried. I had a really bad high school experience and so when she asked me about it I started crying a little bit. I think it was the nerves, and she was really nice about it but now I’m worried that it’s really going to count against me. especially because I also blurted out that I’m super shy and nervous
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Replies to: Interview experience....

  • turnbuckleturnbuckle 14 replies6 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 20 Junior Member
    It's ok to be super shy and nervous in an interview. It's ok that you cried. The admissions rep will understand that it is an intense situation for many students and that makes emotions even bigger. You may or may not get into Whitman, but it won't because you cried.

    If a school did decide not to admit you because of something like that, then it is not the kind of school you would want to attend anyway. You want a school that wants you as you are, with all the gifts you have and sometimes being shy & nervous.

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