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How is Williams College?

DatboyjjDatboyjj 160 replies67 threads Junior Member
edited May 2013 in Williams College
What is Williams College like?

Whats bad about it?

Whats good about it?

What are the professors like?

Is the workload cut-throat?

How collaborative is Williams?

How are the guys and girls? Party scene? Nightlife?
edited May 2013
45 replies
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Replies to: How is Williams College?

  • frozen203frozen203 22 replies5 threads New Member
    Your going to every school forum and throw the same big set of questions without taking time to personalize the questions and read existing threads would not yield good answers.

    - If you don't have money to visit campus: some schools do grant travel expenses; spend your time on reading popular topics in each school forum, for ex: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/williams-college/1307169-experience-sophomore-williams-incoming-freshmen.html
    or http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/williams-college/1003924-how-rural-williams.html
    - If you don't have time to read posts or to visit campus: you must be having a wrong mentality and work schedule - senior year is not the time to cramp in the 7-10 hardest classes but to make the last year of your high school career meaningful, i.e. enjoy studying hard and playing hard (not study hard and play hard).
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  • DatboyjjDatboyjj 160 replies67 threads Junior Member
    actually i couldnt find anything when i searched. i guess people dont take that into consideration.
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  • InpersonalInpersonal 142 replies8 threads Junior Member
    You did not find anything about Williams, Amherst, Middleburry, etc.?
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  • DatboyjjDatboyjj 160 replies67 threads Junior Member
    not the specific things i asked in the thread
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  • ReallypeopleReallypeople 128 replies3 threads Junior Member
    If you can't easily find that information, there is no way you are a candidate for Williams, Midd or Amherst!
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  • DatboyjjDatboyjj 160 replies67 threads Junior Member
    Because finding information is a justification for being qualified
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  • mythmommythmom 8292 replies13 threads Senior Member
    It probably is, but using periods definitely is.

    Look, there is a search function on the threads, and the questions you asked are very general and had been covered on these forums over and over again.

    Perhaps the responder is being a little harsh, but the idea is that these are very demanding schools academically, and if you can't find your own way through this research, you are going to have difficulty there. No one is going to hold your hand.

    People just don't want to answer the same general questions again and again.

    I'm sorry, you feel under attack. That's not very nice. But here's your opportunity to use the search function, learn how to use the site, and find out more information that you could imagine.

    Good luck.

    By the way, my son is a Williams grad and would never go on College Confidential. I think he found out what he needed to know about the school from really reading the website. He may have looked at a guide book, and then we visited.

    If you can't visit, go to the website.

    If you have a specific question, by all means, answer it.

    Oh, and I am not criticizing you for using College Confidential. Sure. Use it, Use the search function. I think the consensus is that you need to do a little more of the work.
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  • johnwesleyjohnwesley - 4473 replies137 threads Senior Member
    Give up, OP. Like a bored cat, Team Williams is playing with its food (in this case, you.)
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  • DatboyjjDatboyjj 160 replies67 threads Junior Member
    Um having a period is?

    "If you have a specific question, by all means, answer it." Uhh is this sentence even correct?

    I mean do people honestly care how u type online?
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  • mythmommythmom 8292 replies13 threads Senior Member
    The people at Williams will. John Wesley, I'm not sure you understand all the motivations going on here. Get back to me when you are a mom and a college prof.
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  • etondadetondad 1092 replies31 threads Senior Member
    CC is not a short cut for doing one's initial homework on a college/university, Mr. Wesley. There are guidebooks both in hard copy and on line galore that can do the initial screening. What the rest of us are saying to the OP is that he or she should come to a thread/forum with a specific question to which the guidebooks are not able to answer or answer well. The OP's initial query struck, it seems, a number of us as, frankly, lazy.
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  • gaginanggaginang 406 replies18 threads Member
    OP, the questions you are interested in getting answered seem to be something you can easily find on websites such as College P rowler.

    When I used CC to research colleges, I had to refine my searches and still sifted through pages of threads. There are a lot of contributing voices here that may provide some insight, but it is clear that you might need to be a little more qualitatively thorough.

    If you have more specific, meaningful questions about Williams, I can try to field them from a current student's perspective.
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  • johnwesleyjohnwesley - 4473 replies137 threads Senior Member
    Mythmom writes:
    I'm not sure you understand all the motivations going on here. Get back to me when you are a mom and a college prof.

    Well, since you mentioned motivation, here's my take on what's going on here: Team Williams would rather play defense. Let the OP suggest for a moment that the place may be "too rural" or "too jockish" and watch the detailed (and may I say, canned) responses come tumbling out. But, ask an open-ended question and the same people suddenly turn into grammar police and patronizing _in loco parentis_ proxies. It's very simple, where herd mentality prevails, no one wants to be the first to admit the place has any faults.

    The OP has actually done a very canny job of getting more information about Williams than they could possibly have hoped for.
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  • momrathmomrath 6047 replies39 threads Senior Member
    (and may I say, canned) responses
    Maybe we can update the old "do you have Prince Albert in the can?" routine to Prince William.

    [The answer for those of you born after the glaciers melted, or who are not canny or candid or cando or cantankerous enough to figure it out, is "Well, let him out!"]
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  • NewHavenCTmomNewHavenCTmom 1971 replies57 threads Senior Member
    From looking @ OP's past posts, he has done this for Weslyan, Pomona, Amherst, Middlebury, and even a Duke vs Vanderbilt thread that is now closed.... and a few others I believe... Call me a cynicm but is he preparing for his essay prompts for each school?
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  • mythmommythmom 8292 replies13 threads Senior Member
    OP: This has nothing to do with you. I meant this as a PM for John Wesley, but his mailbox is full. However, it will show that I have best wishes for you. I do hope you matriculate at a school that makes you happy where you do well. I wish that for all the young students on CC. It does also explain my answers a bit. You may not agree with my methods, but I hope you understand the steps folks here think you need to take to be admitted to the kinds of schools you are researching.

    My answer had nothing to do with Williams, and I don't understand any of those things you were talking about.

    My motivation was to help a young man achieve what he wants by pointing out where his laziness and passivity might get in the way. The school involved was completely unimportant.

    I have sent my CC students to Sarah Lawrence, Columbia GS, Yale, NYU and Wellesley. I certainly have never been a cheering section for my kids' schools in matching kids to colleges, nor do I think those schools are too good for my students because my kids attended.

    You seemed to have fantasized an entire scenario that doesn't exist.

    I'm not sure of the motivation.

    You may not agree with my approach, but I don't need your approval.

    It was my feeling that this kid was pawning his work off on others, a trait that will show through on an application as well as injure him should he be admitted.

    I would rather not say that directly.

    Who knows? If he learned to be proactive in this instance, he might in others, to his immeasurable gain.

    I don't expect you to back down on your habitual snideness because you rarely do.

    But I am definitely not the creature of your imagination that you paint in these posts.

    BTW: I have been a Wes booster. I think it bizarre you come on a Williams' Board to criticize.

    And I don't really think encouraging this poster is in his best interests.

    I have taught writing for 30 years, and you may not believe that I can intuit the person behind the writing from his writing, but I can.
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  • johnwesleyjohnwesley - 4473 replies137 threads Senior Member
    ^^Oh, wait. Was that meant for me? For a moment, I thought you were embarking on a second wave of attacks on a 16 y/o kid. Whew! At least now, you're picking on someone your own size.

    The OP was obviously not looking for a definitive "right or wrong" answer. He was interested in *how* students (and alum) at different colleges approached the same open-ended questions. The results, as I said before, revealed more about the individual colleges than he may have bargained for.
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  • DatboyjjDatboyjj 160 replies67 threads Junior Member
    So like i guess people are so hung up on grammar that sometimes they forget themselves. Mythmom is the perfect example of hypocrisy.

    Anyways I dont see why u guys couldnt answer the questions. I easily could have asked questions further in depth after these questions were answered.
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  • DatboyjjDatboyjj 160 replies67 threads Junior Member
    John just let mythmom keep babbling on. She immediately comes to assumptions about me based on a few things and then concludes that I am lazy. She couldnt understand sarcasm or my disdainful comment towards her. Ok lol just shut up please. You are not helping.
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  • johnwesleyjohnwesley - 4473 replies137 threads Senior Member
    ^^Gotta luv the tags.
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