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how much do first semester grades matter in ED?

chinadoll2010chinadoll2010 14 replies3 threads New Member
edited October 2013 in Williams College
Hi CC community,

I'm just wondering if anyone knows how much Williams counts first semester grades in their decision making for ED. I have had a strong academic record throughout high school so far (all As) but there has been a dip this semester of my senior year. I'm taking a rather challenging course load with four APs (BC calc, french, lit, psychology) and it shows on my semester grade as I believe I will have at least two Bs on my report card this term.

I just wanted to know if these grades will be weighed heavily in the decision making process.
thanks in advance!
edited October 2013
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Replies to: how much do first semester grades matter in ED?

  • honeybee63honeybee63 581 replies11 threads Member
    I can't answer the Williams Q for you, sorry. But I felt compelled to respond when I saw your post bc my instant thought was "again?!". I can't tell you how many stories I've seen exactly like this both here and on a scholarship forum I belong to that is several thousand high achieving high school seniors (I belong to that group because I'm mentoring a group of students there). It seems like every senior is taking 4 or 5 AP's and for the first time in their straight A career facing some B's or even a C. I'm sure that the difficulty of managing that course load plus sports and EC's is challenging enough but college and scholarship app's just pushes it over the edge! I wish I could answer your question about Williams (I can't) but I can tell you that you are not alone! Colleges say that they care most about the grades closest to the time that you will be entering college - thus the importance of an upward grade trend -- but I would be very surprised if they don't often see what you and so many others are experiencing - the effect of a rigorous AP schedule combined with college admissions. Anyway, best of luck to you! (D2 also applying early to Williams - she is in love with the school)
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  • FoxboroPiperFoxboroPiper 80 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Don't worry about it at all! Just try your best in your classes...that's all you can do. A couple isolated B's on your already impressive transcript will not hurt your odds.

    I had multiple B+'s on my high school transcript from both my freshman and senior years (if I recall correctly); I got 3's on the two AP English exams; I am a white, middle class student from an unprestigious public high school. Not only did I get into Williams (regular decision), I've maintained a high GPA among a sea of supposed geniuses. Of course, a single admissions anecdote does not serve as a prototypical exemplar, but either I only got lucky, or the admissions committee truly knows a capable student when they see one. And having met some of these officers in casual settings, I'm confident that the latter is true.

    So...my take-home point: RELAX! (But don't let those possible B's turn into D's and F's.)

    Good luck, and shoot me a message if need a current Williams student to assuage any other concerns you may have. I promise I'm not working for the admissions office or anything of that sort. :)
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