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Tutorial Program?

baregryllsbaregrylls 13 replies5 threads New Member
Hello, I was looking through the Williams College website and was wondering how difficult is it to get into a Tutorial Program as a freshman? I know they have certain Tutorial Programs (100/200 vs. 300/400) for freshmen/ sophomore students vs. junior/senior students. Also, are there any tutorial programs that are highly recommended for someone who is interested in race relations/quantitative analysis (chemistry?)?

Also, for CURRENT WILLIAMS STUDENTS, do you all have any tips for incoming freshmen students? (academics, social groups, events, etc)
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Replies to: Tutorial Program?

  • jersey454jersey454 73 replies2 threads Junior Member
    It's not hard at all to get into a tutorial as a freshman because most people wait a little to take one. Two of my entrymates took one in the fall and a few more took one in the spring. In terms of recommendations, every tutorial is good, for the most part; the deciding factor in how interesting it will be is basically the professor and your own interest in the field. For example, I'm taking a tutorial next semester with a prof who's known to be very hard, but fair if you do all the extensive readings. Some people hated his class because it was too much work and they weren't interested enough in the topic, but others considered it the best class they've ever taken. There are also tutorials where the prof just isn't very good, so no one enjoys it. Those are the ones to avoid if possible, but other than that, just take one that interests you. There aren't that many 100/200 level tutorials offered anyway, so if you find one that actually interests you, great, take it, but if there isn't one that actually interests you, don't force it. They're a lot of work, and if you're not interested it'll show and be unpleasant besides.

    As for advice: Don't post in the facebook group, it gets really awkward when people know you based on those posts when you get here. Get a lamp and christmas lights to put in your room. Bring a fan. Basically, all the advice for coming here is the same as everywhere else. Your entry will be your family, but not everyone in it will necessarily be your friend (although everyone tends to get along pretty well). Do WOOLF, preferably Intermediate level. Support your friends at their events. The usual. If you have anything more specific, PM me, I'm more than willing to help.
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