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Williams ED chances?

Jeanvaljean123Jeanvaljean123 71 replies13 threads Junior Member
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Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this, I very much appreciate it.
Gender: Asian Male
Location: CT
Financial: Upper middle

UW GPA: 92.73
W GPA: 99.68
Freshman Year:
Went to a different high school, two As and 3 A- I believe, or 2 A and 4A-, I can't remember, was the most rigorous offering

Sophomore Year:
S1 S2
AP World History: 91 91
Business Management 98 100 (marketing second semester)
Honors Algebra 2 95 95
Honors Chemistry 93 94
Honors Spanish 3 97 98
Honors Sophomore English 91 92

Junior Year: (Poor first semester, can be attributed to slight slacking and difficult transition but I really picked things up S2)
S1 S2
AP English Lang/Comp 90 90
AP US History 88 95 (Recommendation, offered to write for me)
Honors Precalculus 90 96
AP Chemistry 89 93
AP Physics I 87 98 (recommendation, tremendous improvement/effort, said he'd be very happy to write
Honors Spanish 4 92 95

Senior Year: Current workload:
AP Calculus BC
AP Physics C
AP Micro/Macro Economics
AP Literature
AP Spanish
AP United States Gov/Politics
Grades are currently comparable to S2 of junior year (in terms of overall, added up)

AP Scores:
AP World: 5
AP Chem: 4
AP US: 5
AP Physics I: 4
AP English Lang: 5

Standardized testing:
SAT: 1520 (730 R&W, 790 Math), Essay 7 6 7
ACT: 34 (34 English 34 math 33 Reading 33 science) (first try just to see how I did, essay score not back yet)
SAT 2:
Math 2 780
Physics 670 (didn't study for E/M, retaking this October)
US History 660 (no idea what happened here... also retaking October)
World History 680 (will not retake)
(hoping that this section won't be too problematic)

Chess expert: Approximate max rating 2100, Category 1 player, rating level puts me in category of "expert", one rank below National Master, top 100 in the country for my age, 17 years old
Head of Chess Club (held matches against other schools)
Head of Chinese Club (Began junior year and continuing through senior year)
Vice President of Spanish Club
Co-leader of Physics club (began senior year)
Did MUN in junior year but quit
Member of gender equality club

Work Experience/Volunteer work:
Volunteered in Buddhist Monastery 130+ hours, sophomore and Junior Year, wrote an article for their monthly journal which was submitted to print, actually lived there for a week, have a rec from them.
Took a 9/11 internship Junior year, 9-5 for 7 weeks, approx 280 hours, did office work and produced a video which we showed to the local library and our high school highlighting the effects of mass tragedy on communities.

Columbia book award at our school (about 20 juniors out of a class of 300 got a book award) for academic achievement
National Honors Society (no leadership position)
National Spanish exam level 3 gold medal (sophomore), level 4 silver medal (junior)
Ap Scholar with Distinction

The reason I've really favored LACs is because I'm undecided but I have areas of interest, and I feel like I'd really be able to explore them well.

Sorry for the lengthy read, I tried to make it as readable as I could, Thank you so much for your time.

edited September 2017
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Replies to: Williams ED chances?

  • SwimDad99SwimDad99 191 replies7 threads Junior Member
    You've got great numbers and some very interesting ECs (Chess, Buddhist Monastery). Williams is a reach for everyone, but you've certainly placed yourself in a position to be highly competitive. You may want to consider applying ED -- would probably give your already strong application a boost. Also, consider visiting if you've not already.
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  • Jeanvaljean123Jeanvaljean123 71 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for the reply @SwimDad99, I am planning to apply ED so we'll see how that goes. I have visited but I am planning to sit in for one of their classes sometime in October. Any other advice from anyone? Thanks so much.
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  • TennisParentTennisParent 107 replies0 threads Junior Member
    You have a very impressive record and nice mix of interests which would be a great fit for Williams, but you have to demonstrate a passion for learning, a keen interest in something that will show some spark. Visit a class on a topic you have a passion for, try to engage in discussion with the professor, Williams profs are amazing teachers and very approachable, explain your interest in the subject matter, send a thank you email. Maybe you can list them as a contact that has helped you learn about Williams in your application form.
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