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Applying to Williams, Early Decision - do I have a good chance?

LeafstormLeafstorm 5 replies2 threads New Member
edited September 15 in Williams College
I realize that there's no way that anybody on here can truly predict an admissions decision, but after visiting Williams I loved it so much that I'm seriously considering applying here for Early Decision.

I'm a potential Biology/Psychology major with an interest in Theater as well. I'd say that I'm pretty well-rounded in that sense. I go to a private college prep school.

GPA: 3.92/4.0 unweighted
SAT: 1580
SAT II Bio: 800
(I'm taking the Math Level 2 and Literature subject tests in October.)

Decent teacher recommendations from Biology and French teachers; biology teacher told me it was "one of the most fun letters she has ever written"
Honors: National Merit Semifinalist

ECs: Full-time research at university lab over the summer (presented and published project in my high school's review), another selective high school research program during the school year in 10th grade (presented at symposium), 3 years of acting in school theatre productions (supporting and main roles), French foreign language exchange program, volunteer tutoring kids for 3 years, I play piano and guitar on my own

Courses: The most rigorous courseload possible, I'm pretty confident on this section

I'm still working on my personal essay but I think it'll be at least decent. I really loved Williams so I'm wondering if anybody could give some input or advice for applying there ED!
edited September 15
6 replies
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Replies to: Applying to Williams, Early Decision - do I have a good chance?

  • TheGreyKingTheGreyKing Forum Champion Williams College 2262 replies104 threads Forum Champion
    edited September 2019
    If you love it, apply ED!
    You are obviously a strong candidate, although you are right— nobody on this site can really “chance” you with any accuracy, because we are not the admissions officers reading your full application in comparison to the full applications of every other ED applicant. There are no guarantees in a holistic admissions process. From what you’ve shared, though, it sounds like you would be a strong applicant, and an ED application helps improve the odds.

    Two other pieces of advice:
    1. Simultaneously, apply to a safety school early action. That way, if you are deferred or rejected, it will not be too discouraging because you will be receiving an acceptance around the same time. My son was accepted to Williams ED, but he spent the week before he heard back from Williams happily getting excited about Binghamton, to which he was admitted a week before hearing from Williams. He was obviously super excited when he got into Williams, but he wouldn’t have been devastated if he hadn’t, and that’s important.
    2. Let yourself fall in love with some easier admissions colleges, too. Remember that you can be happy at many colleges, not just one. Leverage early decision to Williams as a wise strategy, but keep your mind and heart open.

    Good luck!
    edited September 2019
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  • LeafstormLeafstorm 5 replies2 threads New Member
    edited September 2019
    @TheGreyKing Thank you so much for the input! It's really helpful. I'm struggling with finding schools that I like for Early Action, but I'll make sure I have a safety school lined up for the early round. Everything you said makes a lot of sense. I liked the community at Brandeis quite a lot, which is an easier admissions college that I'm also applying to.
    edited September 2019
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  • tgl2023tgl2023 286 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I think that you would have a very good chance at Williams if you apply ED. On the other hand, if you apply in the RD round, then do demonstrate a lot of interest, to convince Williams that you are very serious about it.
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  • TennisParentTennisParent 232 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Your credentials are strong, you should apply ED if you really like Williams; also, you can apply ED2 to other schools if not accepted ED at Williams.
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  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 6880 replies10 threads Senior Member
    I think you'll get serious consideration for sure, and if it's your first choice, ED is a good move. You should ask your CC for input. At a school like yours, they will have a better feel for this than anyone here will.
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  • LeafstormLeafstorm 5 replies2 threads New Member
    @TennisParent @gardenstategal @tgl2023
    Thank you for your responses! I talked to my college counselor about it and I'm going to ED at Williams. Hopefully everything goes well.
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