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Life at Williams

cecilturtle1cecilturtle1 0 replies1 threads New Member
This might be an odd question, but are there generally a lot of bugs at Williams/in Williamstown? Are there a lot of cases of mice, cockroaches, water bugs, or bed bugs? Or anything of that sort.
I'm just curious! Thanks!
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  • TheGreyKingTheGreyKing 2213 replies103 threadsForum Champion Williams College Forum Champion
    edited October 2019
    Welcome to College Confidential, @cecilturtle1 !

    Hopefully some current or recent students/alumni/parents can reply if they have other knowledge. But I have not heard (yet?) about any problems with vermin.

    The animals I have heard about are more of the cute and cuddly variation, and they have been outdoors: wild animals such as rabbits and a groundhog, plus tame animals such as professors’ dogs... and there is a student GroupMe called Pupparazzi where students announce any dogs they ever see on campus! https://williamsrecord.com/2019/10/highlights-from-pupparazzi-groupme/
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  • ivegraduatedmomivegraduatedmom 50 replies0 threads Junior Member
    No bugs beyond those that live outside that I have heard about from anyone. The ONLY time I have heard of mice was when my DD opened her shared pod from over the summer, and a mouse had decided to make a nest in her linens while they were stored. She carried the bag and mouse to a protected area, released the poor thing, and hot-water-and-bleach-washed her linens. All was well.

    That is an issue that the pod movers warn us about: NEVER put food in your pods. It attracts vermin. But there's nothing in the dorms or classrooms that I know of.
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  • bresdobresdo 25 replies1 threads Junior Member
    My daughter is a second year and no bug problems at all. On campus there are chipmunks that are the cutest. The other a Bald Eagle flew about 100 feet above her head. That must of been a little on the scary side...never had any moose sightings but she was told that bears occasionally do come by.
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  • shuttlebusshuttlebus 495 replies1 threads Member
    My kid also hasn't had any problems with bugs at all. He was, however, chased by a cow while running in the mountains.
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  • williams2021williams2021 95 replies23 threads Junior Member
    Heard of mices(the college took care of it pretty quickly) in two dorms(both non-freshman.) If you leave windwos open, stinky bug will come in like one a week. No bug once winter arrives.
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