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Should I applied to Williams college for ED or RD

lucy11111lucy11111 1 replies3 threads New Member
edited September 15 in Williams College
Demographics: Asia upper-middle-class female from the bay area (California), current attend a small private college prep catholic high school. (Also, I am an international student from China, Beijing, I come to the US in my freshman year)

Intended majors: general math/music

SAT: 1360 super scored (590 EBRW, 770 M), my oct score hasn't come out yet ( but I am not really positive about it due to my English, maybe 1400. I didn't prepare a lot. I am taking again in November and may also give a try for act because I feel the English portion is easier for ACT)

AP: Junior year: APUSH/3, AP CAL AB/5, AP Physics 1/4
senior year: Macro, Micro, CAL BC, APES, US government, ( may take music theory without a class, still discuss with my band conductor)

W GPA: 3.98 (school doesn’t offer UW or rank)(my low GPA is due to my freshman year, I come from a regular military mode middle school in China without any English preparation, I literally score 43/120 for the language test when I came to the US. So most of my class need English (besides math), I got like a B for my freshman year).

Coursework: I took a lot of honor classes and AP classes. the only concern is that I got a B in AP CAL AB for the first semester (due to some problem, my math teacher change like 5 time for the first semester, so I could follow up with the policy for like 5 different teacher) but I get A in the second semester and score a 5 in AP exam so Idk if that gone influence my admission since I am applying math major.

Awards: Santa Cruz jazz festival-out standing soloist,
Folsom Jazz festival-out standing soloist,
AP Scholar Awards
Award from school--student curriculum committee. (should I include that?)
Star of love of UNESCO(The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ) SDGs 1&4 poverty alleviation&education

Extracurriculars: I am in student government in my freshman year (but due to my poor English in my freshman year, I lost in sophomore year and didn't run again. I still remember in my freshman year, I was in charge of the homecoming dance. There is no dance party in china and I have no idea about it. So I wear casual clothes and a sale ticker at the front door. It was super embarrassing.)So I don't know whether I should include my student government experience in my activity for a common app. I am president and founder of the Chinese club for 4 years. Also, I get involved in a math club for 4 years and become president for 2 years. I am vice president for the Japanese club for 3 years and went to japan during summer for an exchange program. I am nominated by a teacher and become a member student curriculum committee for two years and change a lot of academic curriculum for school (like late start, no exam before final). Become a member of social justice leadership for one year( because it's only available for senior. and I prepare TEDx, promote voter registration, student's voice or something related). Join mock trail senior year (probably not write into application because it's only one year) but will go to composition this Sunday. Volunteer for science in the park, in a slum in SF and making some care bag, in senior house, and doing two years of a mock trial in the community for education purposes (let people know what is law). Joining honor jazz band for 3 years and chamber wind for 4 years. Join mission peak symphonic band for 2 years and join the national catholic honor band for a year.

Essay: my writing skilled wasn't great but I always make a good point ( that's why I always get 9/10 for my essay on English class, 1 point off for grammar. PS: I always get one point off for grammar for my lab report on APES and AP physics 1).

Supplement: I am submitting a music portfolio for both classical and jazz music.

Strength: music, maybe extracurricular
weakness: standardize test, GPA, and a B in the first semester for Cal AB.

Therefore, I am thinking should I applied for RD so I may have a better-standardized test score ( because I know I will get like a 1450 or higher if I prepare, just like I never listen during the AP physics 1 class but I study like crazy for a week and get a 4). Or should I apply for ED due to the high acceptant rate? ( Williams college is my dream school, I have no problem with being locked. I would definitely go without any doubt). The thing for ED is that I am afraid of getting denied so I could apply again ( if I get deffer, I will definitely apply again. If I get deffer, I will not apply EDII for any school because I already applied to some safe school for EA and will also be applied for some safe school for RD). But I will applied for Oberlin for a double major in math and music for EDII if I got denied.

So what did you guys think, RD or ED?
edited September 15
4 replies
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Replies to: Should I applied to Williams college for ED or RD

  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 6904 replies10 threads Senior Member
    I would do ED and retake the SAT as soon as possible. If you aren't accepted, you will probably be deferred. And if you are rejected, it's unlikely that it's because of your SAT score.

    If you are deferred, you automatically go to the RD round. There's nothing else for you to do to stay under consideration. BUT you can provide an update (new scores, prizes, etc.) So Williams will have everything you want them to see and they'll know that they are a top choice.

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  • Mwfan1921Mwfan1921 6108 replies97 threads Senior Member
    edited October 2019
    Also, I am an international student from China, Beijing, I come to the US in my freshman year

    The international acceptance rate for Williams is likely in the mid-single digits and with an EBRW of 590 it may not be the best use of your one EDI application. 2018/19 EBRW 25%ile of matriculating freshmen was 710, and typically the students who have scores below the 25%ile are hooked in some way.

    Your grades and rigor of curriculum are the most important factors in the admissions decision. You can calculate your unweighted GPA yourself, on a 4.0 scale with A+/A/A- being 4, B+/B/B- = 3, and so on.

    Williams, like most schools, is also need aware for international students. Will you be applying for financial aid? If not, that would be an advantage for your application.

    Besides Oberlin, what other schools are you applying to?
    edited October 2019
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  • lucy11111lucy11111 1 replies3 threads New Member
    No, I am not applying for financial aid.
    I am also applying Rutgers and Maryland for EA, NYU, UCSD, UCLA, Mount Holyoke College, brandies, Wisconsin madison, Woke Forest, Colby college, Chicago, UIUC, Syracuse, hamilton college, Rochester, for RD and some UK school.

    PS, I may not applied to all of them, some of them will been taken off my list, it's just a general idea for my RD
    ( my college list will change while my sat change, but that's what I have for now)
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  • merc81merc81 12184 replies207 threads Senior Member
    Regarding LACs and your general list, you may want to research colleges included in a Princeton Review sampling, "Great Schools for Mathematics Majors," such as Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Hamilton, Bowdoin, Reed, Carleton, Grinnell, Macalester.

    You mentioned Oberlin. Note that it plans to broaden access to its excellent music programs to include more non-conservatory students.

    Let's hope your EBRW score will be interpreted within the context of the progress you have made since arriving in the U.S. However, consider test optional and text flexible schools where appropriate.

    Regarding a prospective ED choice, I recommend you select a college at which you have reason to believe you'd have a meaningful chance of acceptance.
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