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Chance DS (Junior)

BlooperDadBlooperDad 1 replies1 threads New Member
edited January 24 in Williams College
Hey, I am new to this forum. DS is a junior in a college prep school. Before he starts his college application process, I hope to do my share of homework so that my suggestions to DS, if any, could be at least respectable. So pls advise.

GPA: 3.8x? The most rigorous courses available.
Senior courses: Multi-var calc in math. Not sure about others.
SAT: 1550+ with very little preparation.
SAT II math: 800
PSAT: 225+
Major: undecided.

- Boy scout SPL. Eagle expected this spring. Elected to outdoor society.
- Sports (so far), XC 3 yrs V. Soccer 2 yrs JV. Major city half marathon high finisher. As a skier in a ultra-distance, multi-sport relay team 3 yrs; Captain.
- A college/high school research competition. Went to world. Team medal. Solid contribution. Individual won a challege at world. Expected to be in a leader position this year.
- MUN staffer and secretariat positions in local and regional (international expected) events. Organizes regional events. A productive leader of school MUN club. Small awards.
- An equal rights youth volunteer (selective with a title) in a renowned organization. Helped organized large events. Outreach to many orgs.
- Led a high school team to an award in a college overnight hackathon (20% teams won awards). Led team of developers to write an app in Google store.
- Independent AI and art research. Self taught advanced CS topics. Art work selected to represent young artists in the region.
- Service awards. Experience building a school (manual labor) in Africa. Small lawn mowing business.
- Self taught a rare language. Metro society member.

This DS is self-driven and creative, reads a lot and likes to explore. Williams sound like where he will thrive. Thanks in advance for your comments.
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Replies to: Chance DS (Junior)

  • TheGreyKingTheGreyKing Forum Champion Williams College 2259 replies104 threads Forum Champion
    Welcome to College Confidential!

    You must be very proud of your son’s accomplishments!

    It appears that he would be a solid candidate for Williams and colleges like it. Based on what you have shared, there would be no reason not to apply.

    That said, no parent, alumna/us, or student posting on this site has a crystal ball to know what decision will be made by the admissions officers reading your son’s full application in comparison to those of other candidates. In a “holistic” admissions process, anything can happen.

    For that reason, he should assemble a list of colleges that includes a mix of not only colleges with similarly small admissions percentages, but also colleges that have some similar aspects that appeal to him but that also are a little easier to get into (matches) and a lot easier to get into (safeties).

    He should start reading through college guide books like Fiske or Princeton Review or the Ultimate Guide, that profile colleges. What appeals to him? What does not appeal?

    Then maybe you can bring him to visit some, being sure to include matches and safeties. As a parent, sound enthusiastic about the matches and safeties as well.

    Wherever he goes, he should have a bright future ahead of him!

    Best of luck.
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  • merc81merc81 11643 replies199 threads Senior Member
    As opinion, a sincere and well-crafted application from a highly qualified and interested student such as your son might provide a 55-60% chance of admission to a school such as Williams, particularly if enhanced through an ED application.

    With respect to further research, look into other NESCACs with similar environments and programs such as Amherst, Bowdoin and Hamilton. Vassar can overlap with Williams for some students as well.
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  • merc81merc81 11643 replies199 threads Senior Member
    For a slightly less challenging admit than some of the schools mentioned above that's nonetheless academically superb, look into Carleton.
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  • BlooperDadBlooperDad 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Thanks TheGreyKing and merc81 for your reply and suggestions. And thanks for the introduction of the process and steps too.

    Williams and likes are of course reaches for us. Your replies helped me form an initial idea of how reachable they might be.

    Personally, I think very high of our state public schools. I secretly hope we have match and safety there. @merc81, coincidentally, DS mentioned Carleton (a senior told him about it) the other day. We knew from family friends too that it is very very good.
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