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Class of 2009

mellowjellomellowjello 72 replies15 threads Junior Member
edited December 2004 in Williams College
Sup people. i am guessing this is the first Williams thread in the "new and improved " CC.
Anyways let's get this thing up and running.
I am an intl. and will be applying to Williams for Fall 2009.
I downloaded the CommonApp supplement for Williams and was surprised to find that there was no supplementary essay. Kind of weird don't you think when Amherst and all the other top LACs require an additional essay. Not to say that I am glad that I won't have to write another essay.
edited December 2004
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Replies to: Class of 2009

  • sybbie719sybbie719 21012 replies2063 threads Super Moderator
    no supplemental essays just an optional peer reccommendation
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  • mellowjellomellowjello 72 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Hey sybbie, glad to see that atleast two people are applying to Williams :)
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  • ilcapo235ilcapo235 1110 replies83 threads Senior Member
    Me me me! Not early though, I changed my mind.
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  • zhuyironzhuyiron 29 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Me! RD if I can't go to Columbia.
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  • mellowjellomellowjello 72 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Guys, I hear that the social scene at Williams revolves around parties and drinking. I personally don't have a problem with parties, but it's the drinking that bugs me. I have never had a seep of beer in my life (and I don't plan to start, it's just one of those things).My question is this - does a social life at Williams include anything other that parties and drinking?
    Most of the Williams students I know, tell me that Williamstown is one of the most boring places in America and if you don't drink, you're dead. Does that mean that I will have to stay locked up in my dorm for four years, or is there some unknown past time that I don't know about?
    Any response will be greatly appreciated.
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  • interesteddadinteresteddad 23879 replies298 threads Senior Member
    All US colleges have a percentage of students who don't drink, a percentage of students who drink occassionally and in moderation, and a percentage of binge drinkers who drink excessively.

    Williams has developed a reputation as a drinking school which means there will be a higher percentage of binge drinkers than at many other comparable liberal arts colleges.

    A friend of my daughter is a freshman at Williams this year -- a non-drinker. She likes Williams, but describes the drinking on campus and in her freshman dorm as "crazy".

    The drinking scene at Williams shouldn't keep you from applying. However, it is one of many factors that you SHOULD consider in choosing a college. Not all colleges have as much alcohol consumption.
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  • minimini 26167 replies259 threads Senior Member
    We saw the same thing last year, and were rather shocked. It was a very important factor in my d. choosing to go elsewhere. Yes, there is drinking at virtually all schools. But the amount of binge drinking, and mid-week drinking we saw at Williams far outstripped anything my d. saw elsewhere.

    Unscientific sample, of course. And 20% of students don't drink at all, and likely 30-40% drink in moderation. Still, we had no doubt that it affected the "feel" of the campus, and the academics as well. Williams students wouldn't know it -- they don't have experience of other campus environments. You need to check it out for yourself, and make sure it is within your comfort zone.

    (The academics, however, are WONDERFUL, and the campus is still beautiful, though for the next two years there will be a lot of construction in central campus areas.)
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  • mellowjellomellowjello 72 replies15 threads Junior Member
    interesteddad and mini - thanx a lot for the input.
    mini, a friend of mine who is currently a freshman at Williams told me the same thing - splendid academics but out-of-control drinking. And as much as I would love to visit the Williams campus (and as well as a few other ones), financial constraints prevent me.You see I am an intl.student and round trip to the USA would.....well cost a lot. I realize that visiting the colleges play an integral part in choosing where you want to attend, but it would be a bit too much for my parents.

    Btw mini, where did your d. end up going?

    Can anybody tell me how much weight Williams gives weight to standardized test scores as compared to other top LACs? I ask this question because Williams' 25th-75th percentile SAT score for 2003 was much more 'lenient' than both Amherst or Swarthmore. Does this mean something or was 2003 an exception?
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  • renja888renja888 53 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, weekends here generally start on Thursdays. The way I see it though, is if you want to drink, the alcohol flows freely. If you don't, then there's other stuff to do around campus. I came in as a non-drinker, and can count the amount of drinks I've had on one hand so far. My friends and I almost always find other stuff to do. There is never any pressure to drink.

    With the whole 25-75 percentile stuff
    You have to remember that Williams recruits athletes much more actively than either Swarthmore or Amherst. I'd say it's kind of like the top Div I sports schools like Duke or Stanford in that regard. Thus, one could say that the avg SAT is a lil bit lower than the other two schools because of the recruitment. Seriously though, in my entry, there are a few 1580+'s, though the average is prob more like 1450+. Also, it really is all about environment, I live down the hall from a Norcal person who turned down both Stanford and Brown, and a person upstairs turned down Harvard. If you haven't visited, you should definitely come up and overnite. It's not a place for everyone (peeps who need a big city) but for others it really is a perfect fit. Frankly, I am amazed by those around me everyday...
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  • mellowjellomellowjello 72 replies15 threads Junior Member
    renja-Would it be too much to ask you to post your stats.
    Btw where are you from?
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  • renja888renja888 53 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I'd say that my stats were closer to the 40th percentile.

    Rank-1/64 (subpar public-NJ)
    SAT I-1370
    SAT II's- 800, 800, 680
    Captain of tennis team/first singles
    lots of leadership positions/ community service...

    I think the person down the hall from me...his stats were more towards the 85+ percentile
    Rank-1/few hundred (competitive Northeren Calif school)
    SAT I-1580
    SAT II-800,800, 720
    Lots o community service....

    Seriously though, it doesn't matter once you're in....everyone's kinda happy in a hunki-dori kinda way.
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  • proudmamaproudmama 37 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Mellowjello- My S who is a freshman at Williams has been surprised by the drinking but says that there is no pressure to drink. He is a non-drinker and says that parties do exist from Thurs.- Sat. nights. He is busy with the Frosh Review (3-4 hours per night) and between that and his studies he really doesn't have much time to attend parties. He says there are so many great lectures and events that he can not fit them all into his schedule. He mentioned that the math dept brings speakers in on a weekly basis and I know that many well-known politicians and writers have been there in the last few weeks. I would suggest that you e-mail a Williams student and ask someone who has been there the last few years for their take on the situation. This can be done through the Williams web site. Best of luck as you continue with the college process.
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  • renja888renja888 53 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I just read your post...Hey! I'm in the Frosh Revue show with your son!! I wonder if your son has told you about the six hour practices this week... and the sleep deprivation(sigh), but hey, it is the week of the show after all. Hope to see you there at either a Friday or Saturday show!

    To stay on topic: I agree with what your son has to say.
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  • flufflooozfluffloooz 86 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I'm also an int'l student who is planning on apply ED to Williams (bad for financial aid, but I'm taking the chance). Note that Williams is a need-blind school for internationals and financial packages for int'l usually include a free round-trip economy ticket once a year back to your home country. They also have monthly stipends of some sort so if you're worried about money, apply for financial aid. You never know! :)
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  • mellowjellomellowjello 72 replies15 threads Junior Member
    fluffloooz - good luck.
    One question though, , since you are applying for ED, I am supposing that your chances of getting admitted will be significantly increased, but what of financial aid? Since Williams knows that the college is your first-choice, won't that kinda make it difficult to get a good aid package? Also remember that you will not be able to negotiate on the amount of aid you receive - you either take it or leave it.
    But then again Williams has an excellent reputation in dishing out wonderful aid packages for intls. (I belive the avg. aid package last year was somewhere around 33K).
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  • renja888renja888 53 replies1 threads Junior Member
    a general note on financial aide-

    Williams does give out great packages. My package here was significantly better than my packages at UPenn, G-town, Notre Dame, and Bowdoin. Most people on campus echo that sentiment. I think the only schools which could really outdo Williams based upon need-based aid would be H, Y, or P.

    Btw, I know a frosh from Bangladesh. He's a cool guy.
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  • EphmanEphman 458 replies4 threads Member
    I have noticed you both persistently posting about purported drinking problem at Williams. As a recent alum who stays involved with campus issues, I think you are in large part misinformed. There is definitely a lot of drinking at Williams. But I have friends who attended Amherst, Swarthmore, UPenn, and Princeton, and none featured a material difference in terms of drinking culture (and actually, UPenn seems to have significantly more drinking; Swarthmore seems to have less, but still plenty of binge drinking). And when it comes down to state schools, it's not even close -- they drink (at least those I have knowledge of, Rutgers and UMass) far, far more than the average Williams student.

    College kids are generally going to drink, and at times, drink in excess. The questions to ask are (1) do you need to be a drinker to have a good time / find things to do -- the answer at Williams is no; (2) is drinking widespread every night -- again, the answer is no. Drinking is fairly widespread on Saturday nights, and somewhat common on Thursday, but basically non-existent on Sunday, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and pretty incidental on Fridays (owing to the fact that there is a heavy overlap between drinking population and athlete population, and usually games on Saturdays); and (3) are there a substantial number of activities for non-drinkers on campus -- once again, yes, given the large number of movies, sporting events, theater / music events, and lectures on campus, all of which are essentially alcohol-free, not to mention just friends hanging out in dorms, which may or may not involve alcohol, depending on which friends you choose.

    I think it's a shame that some minority of kids Williams does drink to excess, and a very, very small minority drinks to dangerous levels. But basically every peer school -- Amherst, Princeton, Dartmouth, Middlebury, Brown, Bowdoin, Yale, etc. -- faces similar problems, and it's not really any worse or better at Williams than anywhere else. In fact, the fact that Williams has a lot of outdoorsy / athletic / health-conscious types probably results in less substance abuse (meaning cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs) as a whole than many other peer institutions.

    If you are adamently opposed to any form of drinking on campus, then Williams is not for you, but then again, neither is pretty much any NESCAC or Ivy league school.
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  • mellowjellomellowjello 72 replies15 threads Junior Member
    renja - The guy from Bangladesh that you are talking about, by any chance is his name Rhaad Muasir Rabbani. I am asking cuz, last year only one person went to Williams from Bangladesh, who incidentally also went to my highschool. If it is the same guy, I would be extremely thankful if you could get me his email address or give him my address, I really need to talk to someone from Bangladesh who is actually attending Williams. Thanx again.

    Ephman - you bring up a lot of interesting points. I was wondering, has the 'Williams authorities' taken any steps to reduce excessive drinking on campus? Also why do you think that among all the schools you mention, Williams seems to get the most bad press when it comes to drinking?
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  • renja888renja888 53 replies1 threads Junior Member
    yup, it's rhaad. the email addy is 08rmr followed by @Williams.edu
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  • flufflooozfluffloooz 86 replies0 threads Junior Member
    mellowjello -- Thanks! I know, I was worried about financial aid during ED (and still am) but one of the college reps paid a visit (Ms. Shen), I talked to her about it and she told me that if the package was not enough to cover the cost, the school would either renegotiate the offer or release me from the binding commitment. So yeah... I just hope everything goes right because my family can pay no more that 10K. A student from our school (Thailand) who graduated two years ago went to Williams and she recieved a really nice package. Ahhh! I really want to go to Williams (saves me from having to fill up the rest of the applications as well :P).
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