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Workload at Williams

blainekoblaineko 540 replies12 threads Member
edited November 2004 in Williams College
Hey there...

Just wondering how many hours a typical Williams student studies each day and on weekends. I'm trying to gauge how intense the workload would be at the college. Any info that goes to the question would be much appreciated.

TIA. :)
edited November 2004
12 replies
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Replies to: Workload at Williams

  • haonhaon 266 replies12 threads Junior Member
    To learn you obviously have to work. I think the average workload differs from student to student and major to major. I personally feel like I'm doing somewhere in the area of 4-5 hours a day of work. Keep in mind that college work tends to be very enjoyable (I don't dread my work...I often look forward to it). While people tend to be busy here, I don't think I've ever heard of a student who does nothing other than work. Everyone finds time to relax, have fun, and participate in tons of extracurricular activities outside of school.
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  • blainekoblaineko 540 replies12 threads Member

    Thank you for your insight. While I understand that major partly determines workload, I was interested in making side-by-side comparisons between peer colleges. It's not that I'm afraid of studying...it's just that some colleges are definately more intense and a little less than balanced. I'm trying to figure out where Williams fits on my list, as it is one of my top schools.

    Mahalo for your time, and good luck with finals at Williams.
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  • momrathmomrath 6046 replies39 threads Senior Member
    blaineko, Williams kids take academics seriously and study seriously. They are ambitious and determined (in an understated and cool sort of way) to succeed. Having said that I would assure you that there is a good balance between studying, doing something active (sports or outdoorsy stuff), doing something interesting (arts, student goverment, community service) and doing something just fun (partying, hanging out with friends). I note from one of your other posts that having a single room is important to you. Freshman singles are fairly common at Williams -- though I don't know if they will guarantee.
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  • blainekoblaineko 540 replies12 threads Member

    Thank you fo you insights. :)

    The single is important, only in the sense that I will also be working long distance as well. A roomate would quickly get tired of business calls from the West Coast at 1am. I'd throw me out. Heh-heh.

    Anyhow, I'll let you know what I find out. Mahalo for the heads-up.
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  • haonhaon 266 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Blaineko--it's difficult for me to compare the workload at Williams to the workload at any college in the country as the only workload I've experienced is at Williams. All I can tell you about the workload is what's always been said--students work hard, but they find time to balance their work with extracurriculars and any other passions they may have. If you're worried about working this long-distance job while attending Williams, I wouldn't be--at the very worst, you'll be forced to cut down on the rest of your extracurricular activities. One reason that I liked Williams so much is because everyone was passionate and serious about the academics, but at the same time, not incredibly stressed out or overloaded with work. Don't let me mislead you--if you come to Williams, you WILL be working hard, but the campus academic atmosphere is quite relaxed and community-oriented, and thus the work is really not much to worry about. If you make it into Williams, you are qualified to do the work the profs ask of you.
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  • blainekoblaineko 540 replies12 threads Member

    Thank you again for your insights and your consideration.

    I guess it just seems like the CC posters who want to attend Williams have better scores or grades than I do (1490/3.99w). I wanted to make sure I could swim comfortably by managing my time, if I make it to Williams in the Fall. Some of the guidebooks have given me mixed signals, so you answers (and others) have been quite illuminating and valuable.

    Anyhow, Mahalo for sharing your thoughts. :)

    Have a good one.
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  • momrathmomrath 6046 replies39 threads Senior Member
    blaineko, your scores and grades are mid-range for Williams. They won't get you in but for sure they won't keep you out.
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  • blainekoblaineko 540 replies12 threads Member
    Yes, my scores and grades are in the middle 50%ile for grades and scores. That is why, I was interested in workload intensity, etc...I want to make sure I won't be struggling at the bottom of my class.

    Thank you Momrath. :)
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  • AkinoAkino 16 replies2 threads New Member
    Hey there,
    I assure you that SAT scores don't mean much in terms of how easy you're going to find the work load. I know a lot of 1300 scorers who are easily beating peeps scoring 1500+. It's really just a matter of time management and guts when it comes to Williams. I swim at Williams and I can still find time for a student government group, and getting my work done, but don't let this mislead you. There will be times when you will be really really really stressed out, and have to take on unfavorable time rationing mechanisms for a good period of time to get your work done. But as I said, how easy it is depends on how much you can tolerate. Compared to my previous high school Williams was a drastic change in lifestyle. You'll be stressed out a lot of the time, having fun sometimes, improving and learning all the time. Overall it's a great experience, but very challenging.
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  • hopemanjkjkhopemanjkjk 369 replies10 threads Member
    hmmm.. I was very attracted to Williams College because it provides opportunity to learn various subjects.... my dream was to major in Economics/Chemistry. Is double majoring really stressful in Williams?
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  • bex56bex56 93 replies0 threads Junior Member
    The workload at Williams is very heavy, but not impossible. I work about 4 hrs a day outside the classroom, more on nights before a paper/problem set is due, which is probably once or twice a week. Reading is a significant part of class preparation. Of course, this all depends on your class schedule... Pretty much everyone has a ton of work-- the library is packed during the week. If you like most of your classes/professors it's not bad at all.
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  • Cash'dCash'd 137 replies21 threads Junior Member
    What %-ile for admissions does 3.86 GPA (unweighted) and 1500 SAT score stand?
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