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Any chance whatsoever?

Yano120Yano120 83 replies9 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
edited November 2007 in Williams College
I'm applying regular even though Williams is my absolute dream school, just because on the off chance that I do get accepted, I won't get any financial aid so we want to see other options.

Ethnicity- White, technically Jewish, if that matters at all
Gender- Male
Not applying for financial aid
GPA- 3.4 (unweighted)
School- Public school in Massachusetts, #1063 Public High School in the country, we send kids to good schools every year (Brown, Middlebury, Cornell, Columbia, WashU-STL, Barnard, NYU, Boston College, Oberlin, Bowdoin, Hamilton, Holy Cross, Bucknell, UTexas OOS, UMichigan OOS, etc)

SAT 1- 1460/2200
Critical Reading- 800
Math- 660
Writing- 740 (12 on essay)

SAT 2-
US History- 740
Waiting for scores from French w/ Listening and Literature

AP Exams-
European History- 5
US History- 4
Taking English, French, US Gov this year

Rank- 54/232, Top 25%

Interested in History, French, Philosophy, and English (especially Creative Writing), and I've taken all the highest level/AP Classes in those areas and always get B+ or higher (the only B+ have been in AP History, everything else has been A- or higher for those). Math and science, not so much, I have B-A in my science classes (one CP) and one C, two C+, and a B- in my highest level math classes (taking a CP this year).

Varsity Tennis Captain (But not good enough to get recruited) (4 years)
Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Black Belt (Since 2nd grade)
Opinion Editor of school newspaper/writer (3 years)
Editor-in-Chief of school literary magazine/submitter (2 years_
Best Buddies Membership Coordinator, working one-on-one with special needs students (4 years)
Peer Helpers Committee Leader, student guidance counselors, basically (3 years)
Art Saves Lives (art/music/poetry show) coordinator and performer (2 years)
National Honor Society, won portfolio award (2 years)
French Club (2 years)
French Immersion Program K-12, I speak fluent French
Academic Honor Award, 10-12
Academic Varsity Letter (Honor Roll or Higher 9 times), 11
Academic Achievement in Creative Writing Award, 11
Varisty Tennis Honor Athlete Award, 10-12
Boston Red Sox Essay Writing Contest Winner, 10 (it was ridiculous, but I won)
University of Iowa Young Writers Studio (had to apply with 10 pages, chosen out of several hundred students, etc)
Really really really involved in local Food Pantry, been volunteering since 6th grade, am on the Board of Directors, help organize fundraisers, etc
Camp Counselor Grade 10
Work at a bakery 11-12
Internship at a Film Company, 10
Editing Film as-needed, 11

My school has block scheduling, so the fact that I'm taking 5 APs over the course of High School is really really impressive for our school, since it's impossible to take as many as other people do at their schools.

I also expect my recommendations to be incredible (one from my Creative Writing teacher/Literary Magazine guy who I'm really close with, and one from the French Immersion teacher who has known me since I was 5).

Writing my essay on how reading with my dad when I was younger has influenced the way I think, and has made me want to become a writer to help give other people the same feeling I get when I read something beautiful, etc, etc.

Sending in some creative writing samples as the arts supplement and my best friend is writing me a peer recommendation.

I also did a pre-frosh overnight and have been in contact with a few professors, but I don't know if that matters.

So what do you think? Any sort of chance at all?
edited November 2007
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Replies to: Any chance whatsoever?

  • whirlybirdwhirlybird 299 replies15 threadsRegistered User Member
    I think you have a good chance. Your scores are good, and your ranking is made more acceptable by your school's scheduling.

    Hey, I'm sending creative writing stuff in as well. Fun, fun. I don't know if it goes in the arts supplement, though. I got the impression that it didn't.

    Good luck applying!
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  • Yano120Yano120 83 replies9 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Got my SAT 2's back. 700 French, 710 Literature. Help/hurt?
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