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chances...ED maybe?

pinkpineapplepinkpineapple 294 replies38 threads Member
edited June 2008 in Williams College
SAT I: 800 CR/760 M/790 W (1560/2350)
GPA: upward trend ~3.8 UW/4.2 W
SAT IIs: 800 Literature 700 Math IC 750 World History
ECs: student government, varsity cheerleader, youth coaching (8 hours per week in fall and winter with elementary schoolers, counts as community service), Key Club
APs: World Hist 5, taking 3 exams this yr (Eng. Lit, Calc AB, US Hist) and probably 4-5 next year

History I Honors: A
English I Honors: A
Physics Honors: B
Algebra II Honors: C+ (bad, I know*)
French II: A
Latin I: A

AP World History: B+
English II Honors: A
Chemistry: A
Precalculus Honors: B+
French III: A
Latin II: A

Junior (predicted, it's nearly the end of the year):
AP US History: A
AP English Lang. : A
AP Calc AB: A
Biology Honors: A
French IV: A
Computer Art and Graphic Design I: A
(my school requires an art class so I couldn't do Latin)

Senior Classes:
AP Calc BC
AP French
AP English Lit
AP Government and Politics
AP Econ (both macro/micro)
Euro Independent Study

I am an intended History major and I'm going to England to study this summer and then doing an independent study in Euro. Hist senior year since my school offers no AP. Also I hope the upward grade trend will help? I know freshman year was veryyyy rocky. The Algebra II class was accelerated and I asked the teacher to write one of my recs because out of sheer luck I've had him every single year of H.S. and he can talk about how I've improved, etc. I'm very interested in the Williams at Oxford program.

What are my ED chances at Williams? (regular too...not totally sure yet)
edited June 2008
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Replies to: chances...ED maybe?

  • forgottenmuch987forgottenmuch987 146 replies30 threads Junior Member
    It's a reach. Work on your extracurriculars. They seem a little weak. THey might like the upward trend in your grades though. Good luck!
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  • pinkpineapplepinkpineapple 294 replies38 threads Member
    I honestly have no time for any other extracurriculars....cheerleading takes up 3 hours every day after school end of august-beginning of march, and coaching the middle school cheerleaders is 2 hours after that 3x a week. In the spring, I devote a lot more time to the paper and student council, studying for APs, and volunteering more with Key Club. How could I improve them?
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  • ncephnceph 787 replies23 threads Member
    I don't usually respond to "chances" posts, because I don't think that I or anyone else can give you an accurate assessment of the odds of getting in. That said, I do just want to say that I don't think your ECs are weak at all. I think they sound like an interesting assortment of activities, and colleges will appreciate the significant time commitment.
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  • GraceGrace 562 replies14 threads Member
    Be sure that you include in your application a (very honest) indication of your time commitments in each of these activities (plus a bit of information about what you do in each - remember to include and possibly emphasize mentoring and leadership aspects and the like). Talk to your counselor and recommendors and make sure that they are aware of your activities and what they entail, so that they, too, will reflect the levels of your involvement when they prepare their submissions on your behalf.

    You don't have to squeeze it all down into the small section on the Common Application. You can send a "resume" or supplemental sheet as well if you need more space (just be very honest but also strategic and don't go overboard on the details).

    Take a big lesson from the first response to your posting. It didn't sound like much from what you said, but, with more details, it was a lot. One of the biggest mistakes applicants make is selling themselves short by failing to give the application readers the details they (who don't go to the applicant's high school or know anything about most of the things the applicant is involved in) need to understand the applicant's activities and achievements. They know what a 5 on an AP is, but they don't know what being a cheerleader at your school entails.

    And don't forget awards, things that show improvement, and things you like to do (activities that express who you are, even if they aren't the usual high school EC -- somewhere in the application package, an applicant could mention her passion for reading noir novels, for example).

    Good luck.
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  • pinkpineapplepinkpineapple 294 replies38 threads Member
    thanks sooo much :)
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