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Why a women's college?

SapphireM96SapphireM96 9 replies2 threads New Member
Okay, I think this is a very basic question that probably gets asked all the time: but why should I consider a women's college? What are the advantages and disadvantages? I'm 17 and just finishing my junior year so I have a little time to think, but all my options are wide open and I am just trying to get started in the search.
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Replies to: Why a women's college?

  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43410 replies473 threads Senior Member
    You can get started here:
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  • staceyneilstaceyneil 1193 replies41 threads Senior Member
    ^ Did you mean a different site? That appears to be a junk advertising site... :-/
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  • intparentintparent 36292 replies644 threads Senior Member
    Because there is less chance of a freshman guy throwing up outside your dorm room door on Saturday night.

    Because there is a certain academic seriousness than tends to permeate today's women's college campuses. Women are graduating from high school and college at higher percentages than men these days, and often have a more focused and mature perspective on their education -- I think this shows up in the atmosphere of today's women's colleges.

    Because a lot of the women's college campuses are beautiful and elegant - Wellesley and Mount Holyoke are two of the more beautiful campuses we visited with my kids. And Scripps is also the nicest of the Claremont campuses.

    Because a lot of women's colleges still keep some of their nicest traditions while still moving into the modern world.

    Because admission is slightly easier than comparable co-ed colleges. Some women have a bias and won't even look -- this opens up the admissions field for those who are open minded enough to visit and consider whether they are a good fit or not. But the programs and professors are just as strong as their similarly ranked peers.

    The women I know who have attended women's colleges in the past ten years have all been very intelligent, interested in the world around them, and focused on getting a great education.

    I would suggest that you visit a women's college and make up your own mind about whether it makes sense for you to apply.
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  • staceyneilstaceyneil 1193 replies41 threads Senior Member
    intparent's list is great. I'll add a couple more reasons:

    Because women's colleges often have a strong sense of community and are often very welcoming, friendly, and supportive environments to learn in.

    Because women's colleges usually have a very strong and supportive alumni network that will be helpful in finding internships and jobs after graduation (as well as just being a generally supportive community for life.)

    I absolutely agree - go visit a women's college (preferably during spring or fall while classes are in session) and get a feel for it. Also remember that many women's colleges are part of consortiums where students take classes (and socialize) with surrounding schools. So there WILL be men on campus, and you'll have opportunities to meet men. It's not a nunnery :)

    All this said.... I read your other thread looking for school recommendations and see that you're maybe considering a more conservative, religious school environment. I think that most of the women's colleges will tend towards open-mindedness if not liberalness. I know at Mount Holyoke the general feeling is to be open-minded and tolerant of everyone's views and preferences, but that includes acceptance of not only conservative Christians, but also every variety of LGBTQ, etc. (and everything else.) So it that is going to bother you, it might not be your cup of tea.

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  • intparentintparent 36292 replies644 threads Senior Member
    I think of Wellesley as probably having the largest contingency of conservative students among the top women's college (but maybe more "moneyed" conservatives than social ones). Sweet Briar would be safety for this student, but I think would be more conservative. Agnes Scott also in that category (more conservative, also a safety).
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35886 replies404 threads Senior Member
    There are conservative women's colleges, some religious.

    In the absence of male classmates, women tend to become more empowered. A long ago study of Vassar, when it went coed, detailed the number of ways men took over within a few years- heading stu govt, intramural leagues, etc. In many coed environments, this may not hold as much today as then, but is a consideration.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43410 replies473 threads Senior Member
    Sorry. The link above is supposed to be to the Women's Colleges Coalition, but apparently the website doesn't work properly.
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  • momcincomomcinco 1047 replies23 threads Senior Member
    Because you will make friendships with other women that will last a lifetime.

    Women who choose women's colleges turn out to be interesting, funny, self-confident (or trying to become it!), motivated. passionate and above all, supportive of other women's achievements.

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  • staceyneilstaceyneil 1193 replies41 threads Senior Member
    My D came into my office this morning and said, "I am SO GLAD I am going to MHC!!!" When I asked her why, she described how she'd been texting with another accepted student she met on the FB page, and signed off last night to go to bed. Her friend responded with, "Good night, don't let the Cimex lectularius bite!" (....my daughter is obsessed with entomology so this thrilled her.) She said, "I can't wait to hang out with these smart funny people who are interested in the same things I am!!!"
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