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Chances for Barnard and Smith ED?

mouseinablender3mouseinablender3 56 replies20 threads Junior Member
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Income bracket: 100,000+
Will apply for Financial Aid: Yes
Hooks: First Gen.

GPA: 3.72/4.29 upward trend, with numerous honors courses and 4 AP courses
Class rank: Top 25% from a competitive public school in Florida

SAT: Expecting between 1950-2030.
AP Scores: European History (3), AP Literature and Composition (?), AP Psychology (?), AP Physics (canceling)

EC’s: National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, National English Honor Society, Astronomy Club (President 2011-2012), Science Olympiads, a lot that has to do with music. Other than that, just a a few irrelevant activities like JV sports and miscellaneous clubs that I tried out but wasn’t very interested in. Oh and I have 75 volunteer hours at my local nursing home. I plan on applying for a position as a dog walker at the ASPCA, and for a job soon.

Awards: Award of Academic Excellence in Spanish, AP Scholar (hoping)

I can write an amazing essay and will have shining recommendations.
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Replies to: Chances for Barnard and Smith ED?

  • staceyneilstaceyneil 1193 replies41 threads Senior Member
    I don't usually participate in Chance Me threads but I did want to ask whether you're sure you could afford these schools even if you got in. You said you will be applying for it so I assume that means you need it. I'm no expert but it seems unlikely you will receive Financial Aid with 100k+ income. Have you run the Net Price Calculators for both schools? That will tell you what your Estimated Family Contribution will be. My guess is you will receive very little, if any, financial aid. Smith has some very limited merit aid, I believe, and it's probably for super high-stats applicants, which you wouldn't be one of. Have you spoken with your parents about whether they can afford the EFC if you get in?

    Other than that... your GPA and upward trend are good. SAT looks to be within the range but it certainly wouldn't hurt to study hard for it this summer and try for 2100+. Good luck!
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  • orangesplorangeorangesplorange 25 replies3 threads New Member
    I'd say Smith is a match if you do ED-- I had a 2030 SAT, a higher GPA with harder classes, similar level of extra-curricular activities, and excellent recommendations and essays as well, and was put on the waitlist. ED might be that extra boost you need! As far as I know, Barnard is more selective than Smith, so I'm inclined to think it is a reach or high match rather than a match. You should probably figure out which one you like better and use your ED 1 there. Good luck!
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  • mouseinablender3mouseinablender3 56 replies20 threads Junior Member
    edited May 2014
    Thanks @staceyneil and @orangesplorange, I might not send my SAT to Smith. Maybe then I'll have a better shot, especially if I apply ED as you said. I'd love to go to Barnard b/c it would enable me to take courses at Columbia, which would be amazing.

    I am a senior, about to graduate btw. I decided to take a gap year so I can figure everything out, because my family was talking about moving and I knew I didn't want to go to school in Florida.
    So I have until Octoberish to get my SAT's where I want them; and I'm getting so much better. The first two times I took the SAT I got scores that don't reflect my ability in any way: nerves/anxiety got the best of me, I was sleep deprived, and basically I just couldn't function my best or at least adequately well. But I've gotten used to it, and I've been practicing, and I'm sure that my SAT will be considerably higher. I've taken plenty of BB Practice tests and I've gotten scores that actually reflect my abilities rather than how well I can do strung out and major sleep deprived.
    I just hope that the first two low scores don't make Barnard reject me.

    Oh yeah, I can still apply ED right?
    Thank you!
    edited May 2014
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  • mouseinablender3mouseinablender3 56 replies20 threads Junior Member
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