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Scripps vs. Bryn Mawr vs. Smith?

violingirl28violingirl28 7 replies6 threads New Member
I am planning on applying to all three of these schools but I would really like to do ED. I want to study music and environmental policy. Any advice?
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Replies to: Scripps vs. Bryn Mawr vs. Smith?

  • CorbettCorbett 3434 replies4 threads Senior Member
    My advice would be: don't apply ED if you don't have a clear #1 favorite.
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  • mamommamom 3709 replies24 threads Senior Member
    Have you visited these schools? I can't comment on Smith, but Bryn Mawr and Scripps are very different, imo.
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  • DustyfeathersDustyfeathers 3706 replies85 threads Senior Member
    All three schools are very different from each other. You may want to visit if you get a chance. And if you fall in love with one of them, then do ED. If you like these schools, you may also like Mount Holyoke. I mention that school because they have a more naturalistic campus -- with woods and a couple of lakes. They have science and environmental experiments set up in the boardwalk area. Smith may also offer this sort of hands-on work? But my impression was that the campus was much more manicured--looking like a country club -- than Mt. H's. There is also the 5-college consortium in play for both schools. You'd have access to Hampshire's envi. sciences--which are good too--and the offerings of UMass Amherst and Amherst College. In general the horticulture and other offerings in this grouping seems stronger than at BMC or Scripps, but this should be checked out more thoroughly. Mine is just a theory at thsi point.
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  • violingirl28violingirl28 7 replies6 threads New Member
    I have visited Scripps and I loved it. I haven't actually been to Bryn Mawr, only to Haverford. Can you say more about the differences?
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  • mamommamom 3709 replies24 threads Senior Member
    A few thoughts. Scripps students interact with the other 5C schools daily. Cross the street and you are at one of the other campuses. You can major at one of the other 5C schools, but graduate from Scripps. Scripps is in SoCal, incredible weather, pool right outside dorm, lots of outdoor activity, etc. Bryn Mawr is in a consortium with Swart and Haverford, both short bus rides away, but bus rides none the less. You will see snow in the winter and will not be wearing flip flops. haha. Bryn Mawr students have easy access to NYC and take advantage of it. My D felt the scripps and Claremont consortium students were a little more serious, less introverted and fun. Bryn Mawr has a very active and involved alumnae network. Those are just a few thoughts, you really should do a overnight at whatever school you will be applying ED to.
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  • SpringbirdSpringbird 149 replies9 threads Junior Member
    I would second that if you aren't sure which school, you shouldn't apply ED. All three are great schools. Do finances matter? Financial aid could be a deciding factor, but you can't consider that unless you apply to all three regular decision.
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  • arc918arc918 708 replies30 threads Member
    Might be able to help a little, my D is a 2nd year at Bryn Mawr. We live in So Cal, she was also admitted to Scripps (but really wanted to leave CA for school). I think BMC is much more connected to Philly than the 5C is (are?) to LA. Other than your freshman writing seminar at BMC, you will have Haverford students in all of your classes. Swat & Penn are do-able for classes as well, but it takes more effort (travel time and the academic calendars don't always line up).

    We kind of rolled the dice on BMC, having been very impressed with the academics and the alums. So far we've been right. My D has had all sorts of opportunities far in excess of her peers at other schools (including her friend up the road at Princeton).

    All that said, I have no clue about the programs you are interested in. Good luck, but don't ED unless you are sure your LOVE the school.
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  • abelgamabelgam 5 replies0 threads New Member
    Hello I am a current student and work at the admissions office at Bryn Mawr. The consortium is definitely a big plus of Bryn Mawr (I've taken about half my classes at Haverford and a few at Penn) and I go into Philly all the time. I'm actually a Bio Major/ Environmental minor so I can speak to that a bit too. The Environmental Studies major is a new one, and they're still hiring the teaching staff, but they've developed a pretty thoughtful curriculum. It's a combination of some humanities/ social science classes and some science classes. Really great program!
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