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Reputation of Chatham

MagdalenMagdalen 4 replies6 threads New Member

I’m deciding between Bard and Chatham and I know Chatham isn’t a women’s college anymore, but it is only recently co-ed. Is Chatham’s reputation something I should consider in comparison to Bard? Like, is it considered a school for local girls to go to after high school or is it actually respected in academia? Thanks!

(Also, I know Bard is very much not a women’s college, I am not comparing the two on that factor.)
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Replies to: Reputation of Chatham

  • ACollegeHopeful3ACollegeHopeful3 448 replies11 threads Member
    i can't offer you much of a comparison but i live relatively near chatham and it isn't as widely thought about or respected as other colleges in pittsburgh from what i can gather. bard seems to have a better reputation, but i would consider what you want your college life to be, how good the schools are in your prospective major, and financials over reputation personally.
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  • privatebankerprivatebanker 6939 replies172 threads Senior Member
    I can’t comment on the school other than squirrel hill and shady side are beautiful places to live. Parks beautiful homes and access to a fun and safe city.
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  • MHCstudent101MHCstudent101 9 replies0 threads New Member
    I think Bard College has a much better reputation and name than Chatham. Don't know any more than that about the two schools.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43410 replies473 threads Senior Member
    How much would each cost?
    Calculate (tuition,fees, room, board)-(grants, scholarships) =
    Are you able to pay this without parental loans? Without ANY loans even the federal loans?
    Chatham is especially well-known for its healthcare programs. Is that an area you're interested in?
    Are you rather artistic/hipster or preprofessional/focused on your future career?
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  • MagdalenMagdalen 4 replies6 threads New Member
    I haven’t been checking this thread since I posted it, sorry about that. I will say they are both equal tuition wise because of the financial aid package they offered me and I could attend without taking loans, so that is a plus for both.
    I am professional oriented and my major would be Policy.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43410 replies473 threads Senior Member
    If both would be the same price, Bard would be a better value, but it's not very preprofessional. However Chatham is more healthcare preprofessional, not policy preprofessional, so I'm not sure it'd be a better fit.
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  • ConsolationConsolation 22898 replies184 threads Senior Member
    Chatham doesn't have much of a reputation these days. Bard seems like a somewhat odd choice for a student whose focus is preprofessional. Do you have other choices?
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  • undergrad2023undergrad2023 13 replies1 threads New Member
    Bard is probably better reputation-wise. As others have said, Chatham doesn't really have a rep.
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