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Barnard or NYU

pari786pari786 11 replies5 threads New Member
edited April 2010 in Women's Colleges
i got accepted to both NYU and Barnard, i am a biology major and lets just say utterly confused. I mean i like the more personalized experience of barnard. However, are there any Biology or pre-med majors out there from barnard, how do you feel are the classes and professors, do you feel prepared for the MCAT. Same goes for NYU, help plzzzzz. (e.g. Research opportunities, labs, counseling)
edited April 2010
5 replies
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Replies to: Barnard or NYU

  • pari786pari786 11 replies5 threads New Member
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  • SmithieandProudSmithieandProud 3012 replies26 threads Senior Member
    I would try the Barnard forum maybe? Not everyone comes to the women's college forum.
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  • vociferousvociferous 1396 replies14 threads Senior Member
    I would opt for Barnard for the simple fact that you have access to a Columbia education. Of course as I always say if money is an issue go with the aid.
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  • inconspicuous.s.n.inconspicuous.s.n. 390 replies30 threads Member
    Both schools have solid connections, but as a Barnard Applicant, I happen to know that Barnard is really strong in the sciences. Because it's a lot smaller than NYU, There are a lot more research opportunities available for undergrads at Barnard. AT NYU, you would have to compete with graduate students for research opportunities, and your hard-pressed to win...I also heard the advisory system is really strong, bc you get to chose your advisor. I'm not sure how NYU is, but I know that much about Barnard. And yes, you graduate with a Columbia diploma/ Barnard diploma :D
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  • SmithieandProudSmithieandProud 3012 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Yeah, I would definitely go with Barnard. You can access the research work and classes going on at Columbia, plus Barnard has a strong sciences program in its own right. And the smaller school means that you can start doing research earlier, which is what's going to make the difference in terms of your career and grad school options. Also, Barnard is so much more of a close knit community than NYU, which is a true "city school" with its campus and students flung to all the four winds in different parts of town.

    I visited both and the first day I was in LOVE with NYU, then I went to Barnard, and it was just in a whole different league of amazing. Had I not gone to Smith, I would have gone there.
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