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Smith and the consortium

Blake552Blake552 0 replies1 threads New Member
edited April 2010 in Women's Colleges
I've been accepted to Smith and i was wondering how easy is it to take classes at the other colleges in the consortium. And if its sensible to take classes at the other colleges as they seem to be quite far apart.
And are they like no guys on the Smith campus?
What is the social life really like at Smith?

Any input would be appreciated.
edited April 2010
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Replies to: Smith and the consortium

  • nightpwnsj00nightpwnsj00 469 replies13 threads Member
    Maybe you should repost this on the Smith board? It's way more active than this one. =/
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  • susgeeksusgeek 1559 replies44 threads Senior Member
    My younger D has been accepted at MH and Smith -but hasn't decided where she will go yet.

    From what we understand, after the first semester, you can take a course at any of the other colleges. There is a shuttle bus to transport students from one campus to the other.
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  • SmithieandProudSmithieandProud 3012 replies26 threads Senior Member
    It's easy to take classes at the consortium schools, you just sign up online and after first semester you have access to the full catalogue of classes for all five schools. There are also opportunities to join joint school activities. Some Smithies play in the Five College orchestra, for example, or do theatre productions at other schools. That being said, the tricky part is managing your time to make this possible. The colleges are quite close together in terms of actual miles, but the bus route can be circuitous and takes time(you can drive to Amherst in 20 min or so from Smith, for example. But it takes 1 hr to get from Smith to Amherst on the bus, because you have to stop at the mall and at UMASS first. There's an express bus to UMASS, but no express to the other schools). The bus is 100% free between the five colleges though, and sometimes you can arrange for upperclasswomen to drive you.

    In terms of guys on campus, it's a college, not a convent. Guys come there to take classes frequently, they come to visit their friends and girlfriends in the houses, they come for parties, concerts, and other activities. So it is not totally devoid of male life.

    I would call social life at Smith very varied. There are always lots of things going on on campus, parties, movie screenings, concerts, special events, sports events and you're right on the edge of downtown Northampton with the amazing music scene there. Also a ton of great restarants and bars (but you'll need to be 21 to go to the Noho bars, they are really serious about carding). And then you have the rest of the community. There are football games at Amherst, hockey and basketball at UMASS, and plenty of parties at both schools if that's your thing. I knew some Smith students who spent every weekend and half of their week off campus at co-ed schools, others I knew stuck mostly to the Smith/Northampton area, some were half and half.

    My best advice is not to focus too much on the "OMG, there are NO MEN here" aspect, and think instead about what you're gaining. This is a singular chance in your life to be part of a community of women, which is something a lot of women never experience. Maybe you've never had a chance to make those kinds of bonds before, because high schools can be toxic environments where looks are elevated well above intelligence and merit. It's an amazing and unique opportunity to connect with intelligent, driven, ambitious women who are excited to make a difference in the world.

    Or else, you can think about it like travel to a foreign country. Yes, it is a little scary, and no, it won't be what you're used to. There will be new customs and even new language to learn, and lots of chances to step outside of your comfort zone. But if your'e open minded and willing to let down some of your barriers, you'll see that "different" does not equal "bad", and that what is a little uncomfortable at first, quickly becomes old hat.
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  • TheDadTheDad ! 9905 replies323 threads Senior Member
    NP is correct: the OP will get a lot more response on the Smith board.
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